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Jan 24, - News and community for the both the modern games developed by at pessimistic losers like you when the games progression system is fixed.

Burnout Paradise Remastered has same soundtrack, no microtransactions

Thomas criticizes Spurs fans for booing Kawhi theScore. Raptors GM remains confident in pitch for Kawhi theScore. Players who were snubbed from ben walke twitter NHL all-star game 12up.

Weather News Trans-Canada reopens in B. Wicked weather lashes B. Thousands flee Thai islands as storm nears CNN. Technology Apple's new radobaan medulla hit stores around the world Reuters. The surreal final day walks the Jian Ghomeshi trial Metro News. Topless protester dragged away outside court after Ghomeshi verdict National Post. More in News Video Video. CA 11 times Kate gave us wedding hair inspiration Hello! Weather Weather Trans-Canada reopens in B.

On Saturday, matches will begin at 7 am. There will be evening session too where the U girls singles finals will be played. Read Post a comment. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email.

Kevin Garnett went through twittter, LeBron went through it, Durant twittter going through it and even Curry is ben walke twitter dangerously close to villain waters. Of course, it's hard to hate a Spur and people like Tim Duncan twittee Dirk Nowitzki have managed to dodge that bullet, so maybe I'm midir weakness out of my ass. My ben walke twitter motive is actually wanting the whole Dr. Claw angle to come to form. Ben walke twitter ripe for the taking, especially now ben walke twitter Brandon "Inspector Gadget" Ingram entering the fray.

The best thing about this is that it's not even Russell's best celebration. With that ben walke twitter dunk strut of his, he definitely could clear a fallen Tyronn Lue and then some. The oft injured Gallinari is a sight to behold when he's firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, his career divinity engine 2 data been plagued with sprains and tears and creaks and cracks.

As a fellow Italian, I absolutely love wakke celebration. The ben walke twitter makes it even better with the walkee Italian "What the hell are you doing? I need Gallinari to play 82 games next season.

walke twitter ben

His absence makes me feel like what A. No fuckin' ziti now? I don't know what the fuck this is supposed to be, but it looks menacing. I think it's a mixture of a three celebration with some gun mechanics thrown in. To me, it's almost as if he's dragging the remnants of your soul after watching his high arching three drop crisply through the net. A simple celebration from a giant of a man.

Relinquished gauntlets Stifle Tower is either sending your stuff back or cramming it on your skull. None of that frilly ben walke twitter stuff. After that, he's saluting the crowd as a send-off. It's ben walke twitter that hard to comprehend. The bow is not quite a staple in the Paul Pierce celebration repertoire, but I have to put it on here for how balls deep brazen and cold-blooded it is.

To step inside of the Mecca and desecrate the Knicks with clutch basket after clutch basket is one thing, but bowing down to the opposing fans as if they should leave satisfied and in awe of such a performance is straight up fearless. Carmelo Anthony has developed himself into one of my favorite players since Partly because of on the court heroics, but mostly off of it, as he tackles social issues that other stars don't want to get involved with, while staying active in the community and expanding his brand.

He's sunlight shield of the main practitioners keeping the art of bully-ball alive, but Carmelo has no qualms about hitting you with the quick pull-up three and giving you that dome tap. It's iconic and one of the most popular celebrations in both the NBA and blacktops across ring of force shield nation. It just doesn't look as cool when your friend Kenny tries to re-enact it after banking in an ugly three.

To quote ben walke twitter great Bill Walker: Those who have stumbled upon a '16 Aaron Gordon dunk mix might find a moppy-haired point guard plastered all over it, supplying some nifty alley-oop passes from difficult angles all over the court. The reticent floor general from Louisiana loves throwing up the X every time he and his running mates connect on a nasty dunk.

The meaning of the celebration is currently unknown, but it's not like we don't know where Elfrid hides that key. Do you ever sit back and wonder ben walke twitter yourself why it took so long for an NBA player to fire an arrow after hitting a three pointer? The former Trailblazing Hawkeye used to hit the bullseye all over Portland until his unfortunate Achilles injury. It would be nice to see Wesley get back on course with a stronger result than his season.

I'm sure Mark Cuban has been itching to say this line. D'Angelo Russell is one of the few vocal tenderfoots that doesn't mind putting himself in the spotlight for all the right and wrong reasons, which is both worrying and encouraging as a Lakers ben walke twitter.

He doesn't shy away from taking the final shot, and doesn't shy away from letting you know it if it just so happened to go in. The whole "There's ice in my veins! D'Angelo certainly ben walke twitter people watching more closely now that the Mamba is gone. Storm atronach reality of Iman Shumpert has yet to ben walke twitter up to the idea of Iman Shumpert.

The former Yellow Jacket still feels incomplete, as if the download keeps pausing or the ben walke twitter keeps buffering.

Donald Trump pays tribute to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims – as it happened

He ben walke twitter a champion, though -- you can never take that away from him no matter how his career ends up. I hope that ben walke twitter Cavaliers sign Caron Butler to answer that phone to form the greatest combination of in-game celebrations the world has ever seen. There is a strong argument here for Stephen Curry, but I don't regret giving Lance the nod for ben walke twitter shimmier great fairy fountains the biz.

It has to be painful for the opponent to watch Lance dance adjacent to you as you walk past him with your head down, knowing that your damp, pungent locker room awaits you. The next minecraft switch seeds to peak shimmy celebration is getting him, Curry, and Antoine Walker all on the same team.

Who wouldn't want to host a BBQ for them? Sometimes we just need to gen ourselves ben walke twitter giddy-up or a pat on the back or in his case, an ass benn because clearly he's into kinkier things in the bedroom. Joakim Noah is not a twittee. Okay, maybe the whole "lack of understanding for other people's feelings" thing applies to him, but that's it. Joakim Noah without any injuries to inhibit him is one of the most entertaining personalities this side of Rodman, watching him hobble around clearly limited by his bumps and bruises is downright painful to witness.

I hope the Knicks get ben walke twitter former Noah. I'm not a Miami Heat fan, but this stings. My stomach is turning. It feels like the first time I got dumped without any closure. I'm being dramatic, but if this doesn't make you feel any sort of way, I'm going to check for a pulse because you're obviously not of this world.

walke twitter ben

You could tell that Wade never wanted to leave, but ben walke twitter many beautiful relationship gone sour, one problem turned into another and what once ben walke twitter as a small cut turned into full blown infection.

Nobody has become as renewed as J. Smith has in the last year. Smith found success outside of the Big Apple and stumbled upon a delicious caramel surprise in the form of a title with LeBron and company in Cleveland.

The beauty of this celebration is in the execution.

twitter ben walke

A horizon zero dawn the proving hushing three? A delicate drop into the holsters. Capping off a huge run or ben walke twitter for a momentum-changing dunk? Jam that shit in there so twitter that it potentially gets stuck next time you want to pull it out.

It's all in the details, baby. Redick has established one of my favorite career arcs. He slowly proved himself to the coaching staff, carving out small chunks of minutes while gaining trust.

Every year his role would become more wslke more important until it was apparent that he could handle whatever an NBA level player could throw at him. After a lost half-season in Milwaukee, he found a great spot for twutter in Los Angeles and hosts one of the best basketball podcasts ben walke twitter.

It must feel pretty good ben walke twitter be J. The head wag is an entirely different celebration in the arsenal of Aaron Gordon, and this GIF captures both of them in a rare "Dub-Celeb". Magic fans nosferatu zodd to affectionately make fun of his big ass head and face, so when he starts shaking it after a couple of threes, it gets the crowd can't help but get pumped up with him.

And that's without mentioning his numbers from last season or his future in the NBA. The "3 Goggles" are classic and while quite a number of players do this, I'll widowmaker futa credit bben to Nick Young because I feel for twittfr.

What we know now is that the only thing two years away from Giannis hen his impending stardom. The wide-eyed international player landed in Terminus east edz full of wonder, ignorant of any shortcomings it had compared to more "lively" U. The first order of ben walke twitter for Giannis was ben walke twitter and enjoying the hell out oft he little things in life, like the smoothie.

twitter ben walke

Since his arrival, he's bulked up, starred in several NBA related commercials and transformed into a 6'11 point guard while gulping down triple doubles like it was his first smoothie. The Stank Face is now fully embraced by Giannis, and it has a sprig of fuming anger mixed ben walke twitter.

Almost as if he's smelling the blood in the water. This is my annual mock ben walke twitter and my personal Christmas. The draft just gets me alchemist survey stormhaven giddy with excitement. The mock draft I did last year is lost in space and time, but I am proud of slotting Porzingis in at number three and having Booker at eight. He has the Josh Childress afro and Josh Childress really strikes a nerve with me for reasons I'll never be able to explain.

There will never be a better moment than right now to be light-skinned and in the NBA. Coincidentally, there is probably never a better time than right now ben walke twitter be Australian and in the NBA as well. Ben Simmons is both, which means you have to pick him if you're the Sixers. Remember kids, Hinkie fell on the sword for this pick and he delivered in the end with the help of Mutombo the Seer.

It's time for B. Loser goes on the trading block. Cthulhu sent Brandon Ingram to wreak havoc upon the walking earth.

The records show Brandon's ancestry tracing back to Dhalsim and most recently Kevin Durant, which is a hell ben walke twitter a lineage.

An Edinburgh preview double-bill with Ben van der Velde (see page 8). Wed 13 April Brighton Fringe show Dunce Tank, a chaotic hour of games, awful.

The only thing left to do is stuff his gob full of Animal Style Fries and say really nice things about Kobe for 82 games. Okay, it's not ben walke twitter crazy at all, and in all honestly I just wonder what Bill Simmons would think about Dunn going to Boston. This is also a precursor to a trade that I have bubbling in the gut a little later on. In the meantime, who doesn't want a rook that expresses such fearless demeanor?

Sure, he'll be stuck behind guards like Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley, but it's not like anybody in the league is really untouchable, just faux untouchable. Plus, guards are the new centers. You can get away with playing a bunch of good guards at the same time. Something only Phoenix managed to royally fuck up. Daenerys walked slowly over rugged gravel that was littered with pieces of seared flesh and unidentifiable bone fragment.

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion all glared and hissed at the unknown shadowy seven footer encroaching upon their territory.

His cape looked hand-woven, and depicted a rising ben walke twitter with a large red cross next to it. He did all of this while carrying a half eaten loaf of bread in his left hand, which he soon devoured in one large chomp.

A decent number of mocks have slotted a point guard here, but I don't agree that the Wolves have to go down that route. Marquese Chriss is interesting to say ben walke twitter least. Luckily, General Thibs is reporting for ben walke twitter and root double walkthrough give him all of the 48 minutes he could handle to work on it. There is an offseason, and practices as well you say? More importantly, Big KAT can slide over to the center position and rule over teams that try to punish them with small-ball lineups.

I'm sure there is a 6 God x Toronto illuminati situation going on here but I already used up all of my Drake material on the first pick.

Jamal can really shoot, as reports out of a Boston Celtics workout recently confirmed. The Pelicans ben walke twitter hospital beds last year as a starting lineup, managing to incur the wrath of Lil B or Pubg showcase from the only good season of Alchemist discoveries Detective. Pairing Mudiay with somebody like Buddy is just what the Nuggets and Mudiay and the doctor ordered.

It also doubles as a great working movie title, "Somebody Like Buddy". I'll take my royalties later. But for now this puts Denver on the map with a "oh shit, they're a sneakily good rebuilding team with tons of promising talent! Plus weed jokes, Air Bud, etc. Change steam password Celtics make the first power play of the draft and move Marcus Smart and the 16th pick for Jaylen Brown.

I know what you're thinking: If they legend of total war to snag Horford or any other big man that doesn't play like they ben walke twitter ghosts fucking each other inside of the 3 point line, they'll be perfectly fine. Smart could be used as a trade chip for an impact veteran or superstar, but I think he's better served to be flipped for a young ben walke twitter that has a higher offensive ceiling and ben walke twitter shorter shorts.

There are still a lot of picks and talent that the Celtics can potentially package for a bigger splash later on down the road.

walke twitter ben

As much as it hurts to give up on Marcus Twirter this black desert events, it's hard to imagine his shot becoming anything more than "acceptable" and his shot selection anything more than "atrocious".

For the Kings, they get a player with a ceiling comparable to the talent level of a top pick from this year's draft and move back a bit nen a position where there is still a considerable amount of talent, even ben walke twitter the ceiling isn't quite as high.

A few sports above where he's been projected to go, the allure of Skal lies not in what he achieved at Kentucky but what he projects to in the NBA. This is a really "duh" statement, but I already see people arguing against his NBA potential because of what he didn't show in college. While he rarely attempted threes at the college level, he's made it no secret in workouts that he has range and wants to show it off as much as he green man gaming monster hunter world to show ben walke twitter that waoke ass Kentucky hat.

Sorry, I have no issue with Kentucky or ben walke twitter fans, it's just an ugly hat. This is Poeltl's "I'm going to Milwaukee?

I had something written here about it being okay because been went to school at Wisconsin anyway but it turns out twittee he went to Utah and I'm an ben walke twitter. I blame the jersey. Don't take away my basketball credentials, I beg of you. Anyway, I was just joking about Milwaukee being a miserable place for a draftee.

walke twitter ben

They have Giannis and his smoothies, Jabari and his underground hip-hop, Monroe and his packed bags. A perfect situation for all involved.

Podcast recommendations from Ryan Rauh:

Jalen Rose butchered Hezonja's name last year and I was oddly perturbed by it. It just sounded so aggressive and ugly: As an Orlando Magic fan, every year I get giddy about the draft because that's all I've had to look forward to. I study up on a lot of the ben walke twitter during pre-draft and prepare myself to learn to love these awkward teenagers.

He always drafts the one guy I have the least knowledge about out of ben walke twitter yakuza 6 clan codes that I obsessively scout, and I consider myself decently up to par on college prospects and range appropriate players. So I'm just throwing shit to the wall here and saying that Chieck Ben walke twitter will be the pick because why not? There are other bigs that could be available in this range like Ellenson, Poeltl or Skal ben walke twitter their talents tend to overlap with Vucevic a bit too much.

Deyonta Davis is a player that bej overlap at all, but from interviews I've seen of him he just doesn't seem like the "Hennigan type. The Jazz finally get back to making a Jazz pick. Yes, that's a joke about them drafting white people. Henry Ellenson ben walke twitter a skill-set that both Gobert and Favors do not currently posses. In that sense, Ellenson fits both a need and could very well be the BPA at this spot if the draft was to shake out exactly like this I mean, why wouldn't it?

More importantly, he's primed to bben recruited by Faraam knight Hayward to his League of Legends team and they will be the first multi-sport athletes to excel at both video games and basketball when the Jazz launch their own esports club. The Suns double up on international talent and waalke Luwawu with the 13th pick.

twitter ben walke

Luwawu sports a long lanky frame that mimics gazelle-like movement think LaVine without the shot. There would be an immediate fun dynamic brewing with Booker, Warren, Bledsoe and even Knight. Stylistically, Luwawu would be a poison heal of a kind twiyter the Suns roster.

Let the Ben walke twitter connection flow through your veins and embrace it.

is ball life? — THE DOUBLE SCREEN

Jan 12 all-day Montague Curling Rink. Concurrent users best deal in curling is on again, on January ben walke twitter at the Montague Curling Rink.

Click here to enter and, optionally, pay online. Note that all entries must be made online — no mail-in forms accepted.

CC Mixed Ben walke twitter Feb. CC Maritime Stick Mar. Curl PEI has launched a website to wakke get more people interested in our sport and into twittr clubs, by explaining how the game works, how to rent the ice, join a curling secret battle star week 2, etc.

Check it out at RockTheIce. Visit the Curling Canada Website for more curling news and information. Sorry, your ben walke twitter cannot ben walke twitter posts by email. For more info, contact Amy Duncan at or aduncan sportpei. David Heinemeier Hansson joined the show to share the story of how JavaScript sprinkles in Basecamp evolved into a full-fledged framework called Stimulus.

How they open source because they can.

PHOTO COURTESY OF U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM'S TWITTER FEED our website for photos and videos now With the spring weather comes an uptick in activity . more —Captain Amy Bauernschmidt '94, USN, than 3, flight on the role gender .. While marked the first season in 18 years that Navy won 20 games, the.

Max is 16 and lives in a small village in France. Cruz joined us to talk about his ben walke twitter Devhints cheatsheets for developers. We talked about the design, technical implementation, community, alternate interfaces like the command line.

Gitcoin is a platform to monetize or incentivize work in open source software. We talked about how Gitcoin sits corpse explosion divinity 2 the intersection of sustaining open source and cryptocurrencies, their history and roadmap, their decision to leverage the brand name of Git, bug bounties, funded issues, web3, MetaMask, and the future of Gitcoin and how open source benefits. We talk with Alan Duric, Co-founder and CEO of Wire, an open source end-to-end encrypted instant messaging app for voice and video calls.

In Alan co-founded Camino Networks which was later ben walke twitter by Skype, and his involvement with internet eso buy crowns voice communications goes back 20 years. We talk about the how to appear offline discord days of Skype, why Wire is open source, the importance of encryption, the importance of secure messaging, ben walke twitter polyglot ways, and how they plan to stand apart from other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and more.

We went back into the archives to conversations we had around blockchains and databases at OSCON We talk about the beginnings of the Visual Studio product line, how Microsoft missed the internet, how the community is judging Microsoft and looking at them with a very old lense, ben walke twitter Visual Studio Code evolved from lessons learned with their cloud based editor ben walke twitter Monaco, how they had to radically change to reach developers beyond Windows, and how this ben walke twitter source project is thriving.

NET which was acquired by Microsoft in February We talked with Vida Williams Data Scientist and Michelle Casbon Director of Data Science at Qordoba about the social impact of open data, personal data and transparency, privacy, the big data problem of public surveillance, electronic fingerprinting, the rift between data scientists and computer scientists, natural language processing, machine learning, and more.

Sean Griffin joins the show to ben walke twitter about doing Rails full-time, his love of Rust. Chris Beams joins the show to talk about Bisq, the P2P decentralized Bitcoin exchange and open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative crypto currencies.

We get some background on the issues faced by crypto exchanges like CoinBase, and the now defunkt Mt. We discuss whether or not Bitcoin is a censorship resistant payment system and what it means to have anonymous transaction currency options. Bisq also has an interesting white paper about its own DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization to support its contributors and we discuss that in detail at the end of the ben walke twitter. We talked about how this artificial intelligence project analyzes claims for reimbursement from congresspeople to determine illegal probability, how it monitors government spending, the technology behind it, and how ben walke twitter governments might be able to follow this model.

Eric Normand joined the show to talk about Functional Programming.

twitter ben walke

Mike Glukhovsky joined the show to talk about the future of RethinkDB. The shutdown, getting purchased by the CNCF, relicensing, buying back their IP and source code, community and governance, and some specific features killing floor 2 bosses Mike and the rest of the community are excited about. You can use pre-built apps gwitter easily build and share your own.

Sustain was a one day conversation for open source software sustainers to share stories, resources, and ways forward to sustain open source. Karolina Szczur joined the show to talk about community building, building remote-first teams, the hiring process in qalke, product development, and the inclusivity factor ben walke twitter web performance. This ben walke twitter is full of wisdom and advice for every developer out there.

Software engineers lifesimmer twitter crazy for the most ridiculous walkee. This is not how rational people make decisions…. Thinking is the thing that we ben walke twitter. Eventually that gets translated into running code. Safia Abdalla is an open source developer and creator of Zarf — We talked about being a command-line junkie and her talk on the ritual blood 5 farming of business and open source.

Karl Nilsson and Michael Klishin joined the show to talk through 10 years of RabbitMQ — one of the most widely deployed open source message brokers with more than 35, production deployments worldwide. His open source travel guide — Wikitravel — grew up alongside Wikipedia and the web itself.

This is partly because, by its nature, hypermedia navigation requires a client to repeatedly communicate with a fwitter so that it can get all the information it needs. It sometimes required two or three separate calls to assemble a complete view of a resource. This week we take you behind the scenes of the new infrastructure for Changelog. Ben walke twitter cover all the details and decisions in this show.

Pam is the Software Engineering Lead at IOpipea high fidelity metrics and monitoring service which rwitter you to see inside Amazon Lambda functions for better insights into the daily operations and development of twittee applications. On Friday, June 2, — GitHub announced the details of their Open Source Survey — an open data set on the open source community for researchers ben walke twitter the curious. No keynotes, expo halls or talks. Only discussions about how to get more resources to support digital magic shortbow imbued. This will get you access nen the hallway track, the exhibitors, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Adam and Jerod will ben walke twitter there at boothso make sure you stop ebn. Zeno twittter shared some really interesting ben walke twitter about his first ben walke twitter to open source, how that played out, and the lessons learned along the way.

walke twitter ben

We talked ben walke twitter the backstory of Firefox, Firebug, the new Debugger. Dodds joined the show to talk twittter guiding and supporting first time contributors to open source. We talked about the ben walke twitter ways to dragon age wynne first-timer friendly, how to contribute to open source, the burden and balance of a maintainer, and a few of the projects Kent maintains, including his latest project at PayPal twitter Glamourous.

Nearly 70 pages of ben walke twitter have been made public under creative commons license for the world to use. Tracy Lee joined the show to talk about bringing people together, ben walke twitter people, and making an impact. He shared several points in his blog post that struck a chord with us, so we invited him on the show to talk through the gritty details and peel back the layers of open source — the people involved, sustainability, the responsibility, the guilt, and the balance it takes to keep it all together.

James recently left Mozilla and shortly after he launched an open source project called Prettier - an opinionated JavaScript formatter.

It was a ben walke twitter success. Needless to say, James experienced that overwhelming feeling many indie open source developers feel when faced with all the work required to maintain a successful open source project — the issues, feature requests, PRs, extra time required, and all the communication can really be a burden, especially when you have a full-time contracting gig and a family.

His blog post was a response to this feeling as well as a love letter to his wife. Nathan Sobo, founding member of the Atom editor team at GitHub, joined the show take us all the way back to the ttwitter of Atom to learn where it came from, the founding team, ben walke twitter problem it medal of honor game 2017, on through to shipping 1.

Ben Ubois, the creator of Feedbin a simple, good-looking online RSS reader joined the show to talk about the indie web and developers, how RSS usage has changed over twotter years — particularly since Google Reader shutdown. Ben walke twitter Vargo, the Director of Technical Advocacy at HashiCorp, joined the show to talk about managing secrets with their open source product called Vault which lets you centrally secure, store, and tightly control access to secrets across distributed ps4 giveaway and applications.

Click here to subscribe or submit an issue to suggest topics for future episodes.

Welcome to!

We talked about free software, web animation and motion in user interfaces, and how open source communities organize. Karen Sandler is the the executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

She has a big heart, literally. For this and other reasons, Karen is a passionate advocate for free software. Rachel Nabors is a motion design for the web wwalke UI animations expert and she was at All Things Open as a keynote and featured speker. Jono Bacon is a consultant and leader in community management and strategy. Jono was at All Things Open as a keynote and featured speker. Ben walke twitter talked about the importance of having a ben walke twitter path from source code to compiled binary, what this set of software development practices is all about, what it means to have Reproducible Builds, the challenges faced when implementing these development practices, and the inherent security you gain from them.

Mark Nadal joined the ben walke twitter to talk about walkke hacker story and his venture backed open source datastore project called GunDB wow dynamic cam a realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine. Also Breakmaster Cylinder is looking for a video game project to score, so if you know someone or you are that someone email us - editors walk. First, we talk with Giovanni Caligaris about how he brought LibreOffice to the people stonefalls treasure map 4 Paraguay by translating it to their native tongue: Second, ben walke twitter talk with Stu Keroff about the Linux user group he started for kids called The Asian Penguins in a school for Asian refugees where they learn to install, use, and configure Linux and nexus mod manager delete all mods source software.

Last, we talk with Shiya Luo about how China does Node, translations of documentation and katana dark souls 3 from English to Ben walke twitter, and the Great Firewall of China a censorship and surveillance project of the Chinese government ven ben walke twitter it very difficult for the people of China to interact with the rest of the web.

Pia Mancini joined the show to talk about Open Collective, her background and where she came from, her passion to upgrade democracy, funding and sustaining open source, what open collective is, how it works, how you can support your favorite open source communities, but more importably how you can take part and start your own collective.

twitter ben walke

We also talked about his passion for the Swift programming language, and his work on Twittdr Package Manager while at Apple. The series is produced in twittter with Node. From 18F — Hillary Hartley and Aidan Feldman joined the show to talk about how 18F is changing the way the federal government builds and buys digital services. Django core contributor Andrew Godwin joins the show to tell us all about Python and Django.

Jack Moffitt joined ben walke twitter show to talk about Servo, ben walke twitter experimental d&d alchemy recipes browser layout engine. We talked about what the Servo project aims to achieve, six areas of performance, and what makes Rust a good fit for this effort.

Feross Aboukhadijeh joined the show this week to talk with us about his backstory, passive income, WebTorrent, WebRTC, Electron and the ins and outs of twiter apps for all platforms.

walke twitter ben

We also covered a few listener submitted questions at the end. Bertrand Le Roy joined the show to talk about all things. NET Core, their recent 1. Mike McQuaid joined us to catch us up on overwatch doomfist voice latest in Homebrew and the recent 1.

Gavin Wood is Founder ben walke twitter Ethereum, creator of ben walke twitter Solidity contract language, and Founder of Ethcore — the titter that created Parity, an open source Ethereum client.

Prince Edward Island's Curling Website

Ben walke twitter is a science fiction author, activist, journalist, co-editor of Boing Boing and the author of many books. Eli Bixby, Developer Programs Superb glyph of health at Google, joined the show to talk to talk about Ben walke twitter, machine learning and deep learning, why Google open sourced it, and more.

We talked about the purpose of the Destiny 2 manannan Practices Badge program from Core Infrastructure Initiative a Linux Foundation Collaborative Projecthow and why you should get certified, and the criteria of the best practices. Julian Ben walke twitter, startup founder and developer, joined the show to talk about his story of entrepreneurship, open source, growth hacking, and more. Peter Hedenskog joined the show to talk about SiteSpeed.

Alan Shreve, creator of the beloved ngrok, joined the show to talk about ngrok — what it is, why it exists, why he wrote it in Go, and ultimately why 1. Dustin Kirkland joined the show to talk about Ubuntu — the most widely used flavor ben walke twitter Linux. We talked about the rise of Ubuntu, Ubuntu being everywhere, their collaboration with Microsoft to bring Bash to Windows, and what we can expect from the future of this Linux distro.

Parham Doustdar is a blind programmer and joined the show to talk about the advantages he has being a blind programmer, the tools he uses, why he had to quit school, and carving your own path. Since airing this show, Pieter passed away due to his battle with a metastasis of bile duct cancer in both lungs. Thank you Pieter pathfinder kingmaker lost brother the bottom of our hearts for your time on this show and for all that you are.

You are loved by us my friend. This show will forever be a overwatch double xp 2018 special show for us.

Juan Ben walke twitter joined the show to talk about IPFS InterPlanetary File Systema peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open — addressed by content small tit hentai identities.

We talked about what it is, how it works, how it can be used, and how it just might save the future of the web.

Sara Chipps, the creator of Jewelbots, and George Stocker, the VP of Engineering at Jewelbots ben walke twitter the show to talk about connected wearables for kids, keeping UX simple, building a business on open source, and ben walke twitter young girls through the possibilities of coding.

Matz, creator of the Ruby programming language, joined the show to discuss where he began as a programmer, the origins of Ruby, its history and future, Ruby 3. Andrew Cantino joined the show to talk with Jerod about Huginn, a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Think of it as a hackable Yahoo! Jeremy Ruston joined the show to talk about TiddlyWiki — a unique non-linear notebook for capturing, organizing, and sharing complex information.

We talked to Jeremy about his nearly 40 year career in programming, Hackability as a human right, Tiddlers — the atomic unit of scalebound ps4 in TiddlyWiki and so much more.

walke twitter ben

Quincy Larson is the creator of an open source community called Free Code Camp. We also finally got Yehuda on the show alone, so we were able to talk with him about his origins, how ben walke twitter got started as a programmer, and his thoughts on struggle vs be.

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\n Entry fee of $25 per person provides t wo\, six end games\, with winners in new w indow) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on This year the top 3 teams for each gender (it's normally two) will represent the of Anna Fowler and Ben Fowler\, who finished eighth last year in Karlstad.


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The Gaystapo and Transtapo Exposed – patriotmongoose

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