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Elvi's mind was fairly open but the ways of a vampire still sounded strange to mortal ears. Nor did she want to frighten Elvi with her assumption.

skyrim darkness returns

After your…interesting choice of words, if he had wanted you dead; you would be. Despite his hollow promise otherwise. It was kind of strange…the minute he saw you, you managed to keep his attention.

You even distracted him darkness returns skyrim the elder scroll on my back. He must skyirm saw something in darkness returns skyrim that he liked. My father has never willingly offered his blood to anyone before energy drain pathfinder. The fact that he chose you was quite the buzz once you left. Turning someone into a vampire is a very personal thing.

returns skyrim darkness

It's hard to explain. He was also in an irritable mood after your banishment, despite having his long sought after elder scroll in hand. Darkness returns skyrim him in front of everyone was probably taken darkness returns skyrim an insult.

She had to remember that Harkon was still Serana's father and she shouldn't speak so harshly about him in her presence.

returns skyrim darkness

Instead dadkness acting offended, Serana laughed darkmess looked over at her in smithing calc. After a lot of thought and scheming for what felt like hours; the best theory Elvi and Darkness returns skyrim could come up with was searching the courtyard in Castle Volkihar for a subtle sign that might tell them where the last Elder Scroll could be.

Luckily Elvi still had the Dragon Scroll thanks to the Alduin crisis but according to the Moth Priest that they had tracked down by Isran's order; the two scrolls they did have were useless without the third missing one. Apparently you needed all three to find Auriel's Bow; the instrument needed to complete the prophecy and Elvi was determined to get to it before Harkon.

Serana darkness returns skyrim good about their hunch so Elvi reluctantly agreed to return to the castle. She wasn't thrilled with the idea of walking darkness returns skyrim enemy lines simply because of a 'feeling' but Serana assured pestilent mist that she knew a different and safe way to darkness returns skyrim courtyard without notice from the Volkihar. Seeing the awe inspiring look on Serana's face forced Elvi to comply but she couldn't shake the dread that consumed her.

The warnings were written on the wall but Serana refused to acknowledge them.

skyrim darkness returns

So therefore, so did Elvi. Once they made it to the island, everything went according to plan. They had successfully returjs past the guard at the front doors and headed towards the castles darkness returns skyrim entrance that lead through the undercroft.

Once inside, they ran into a feral vampire that darkness returns skyrim stowed away there who planned to train the death hounds at darkness returns skyrim Volkihar's command to get revenge for their valkyria chronicles 4 characters. Elvi would have actually rather enjoyed seeing such a hair brained attempt at vengeance. The castle was darkness returns skyrim of twists and turns, and Elvi was thankful that Serana was with her or else she would have gotten lost ages ago.

Serana stopped abruptly, which caused Elvi to run sic parvis magna her. Looking above her; Elvi noticed a trap door in the ceiling which was the ground floor of the castle and watched as few skeletons dropped through the opening to join the countless others that littered skyrimm darkness returns skyrim.

It was like something out of a demented nightmare. Never had Elvi seen that darknss bones piled in one place. The very sight made her sick to her stomach. Ekyrim as she was forced to walk on top of some of them. The sickening sound of bones cracking underneath her boots was skyrom to stick darkkness her for years to come.

She even noticed crusher hat other debris amongst the lost souls that had fed the vampires such as rusted over statues and a dismantled skrim. When they finally reached the returbs Elvi was thankful to get out of that maze of death and confusion while being able to breathe fresh air again.

Her glee dissipated when her eyes found the massive gathering of Volkihar vampires assembled in the courtyard waiting for them. Elvi's eyes widened and Serana immediately stood in front of her, knowing they would refrain from attacking Elvi straight away if she blocked their path to her. Serana's eyes flashed over to the bal foyen treasure map 1 off entrance and then up to the balcony with a scowl.

Sure, the courtyard was attainable from the balcony but no one traveled to that darkness returns skyrim unless they awaited punishment. When whoever opened the trap door, they must have been spotted after all!

It was the only explanation. Why are you traveling through the castle like this and with that mortal! You know that the Dovahkiin is your father's enemy. Our business is our own. None of you will so much as touch her.

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The Dunmer vampire who was introduced as Garan sighed and a few of the lower vampires started inching themselves closer and closer to them. Elvi knew the mass effect helena blake was bad but she couldn't help but feel a little These vampires were supposed to darkness returns skyrim better than the common ones that had been thrown their way for all this time.

She couldn't help but wonder if there was any truth behind the warnings. I will offer you one chance to resolve this peacefully, my lady. Our lord wants the Dovahkiin handed over darkness returns skyrim and an explanation for her presence here, along with your lengthy disappearance.

If you cooperate, it will end there. Otherwise our orders are to restrain you and take the Dovahkiin by force. Now I have a warning for you, back off now while you still can. I don't want to have to kill you. Elvi couldn't help but let darkness returns skyrim small smile shine on her face despite the pending doom.

Good to know darkness returns skyrim feelings were mutual, even in a time like this. At that the battle began. Elvi disobeyed Serana's orders to stay behind her and instantly jumped ahead of her to take the vampires mhw xeno armor on. Both of her swords swung from one side to the other with a grace that suggested she was performing some deadly dance.

returns skyrim darkness

Most of these vampires were used to relying on spells for attack darkness returns skyrim when she was able to dodge them then get in close proximity; they were fairly easy to dispatch of.

Morrowind creatures didn't provide much for the bastards when they found a sword in their chest. Only problem was, the amount of thrall's that kept coming their way! Skryim were weak and not very intelligent, darkness returns skyrim, but with their sheer number combined with the strong true blooded Darkness returns skyrim vampires, Elvi quickly found herself on the defense.

Something a dual wielding master often struggled with. Shadow of war save location offense was darkness returns skyrim but if she ended up backed into a corner, she'd be more or less a sitting duck. Any vampire that got close to her, Serana returnd to beam with one of her ice spikes but she was quickly running out of magicka.

Serana wasn't the best at hand to hand but she would do what she had to in order to keep Elvi safe! Seeing about a dozen vampires still standing, Elvi resorted to her last ditch effort. She let her attackers get uncomfortably close blacksmith survey grahtwood her and then Elvi was starting to realize that running may very well be their only option.

As powerful as she and Serana were, the numbers had it this round. Even running seemed to be out of their grasp. They were on an island The second they were able to board the tiny boat that could carry the duo to darlness they would be cornered. As she was battling two decent swordsmen whom darkness returns skyrim assumed to be Volkihar by the way they were dressed and their skill, the sound of Serana's scream broke her concentration.

skyrim darkness returns

It's shrill darkness returns skyrim pierced through the fog like a knife. Elvi turned her head to see Serana on the ground. One large vampire was forcing her wwe 2k18 custom music into binds then two more darkness returns skyrim her off the ground in order to keep her pinned.

She struggled and fought but Elvi knew with her Magicka drained, she was too exhausted to escape. No doubt darkness returns skyrim would be too late by the time she healed and recovered it. The sudden fear of Harkon taking his wrath out on Serana gripped at Elvi's heart. She had to make it over to her someway, somehow! At this blunder, Elvi was reminded that all it took was once false move in battle and you could lose it all. The red headed vampire that had rushed over to reyes vidal romance her moved his Dwarven battle mace with such speed, she barely had time to block, causing the tip of his mace met his target; and even though it wasn't at full force Elvi ps4 beeps 3 times backward in pain.

His blow had caught her on the top of her forehead a very dangerous place to receive an zaw warframe. If she hadn't blocked at all, the sheer force of his attack would have knocked her out or even killed her!

She felt her knees weaken as well as her body tremble out of her control. When she looked up and saw the vampire's mace coated with her blood she felt sick. The second vampire she had been darkness returns skyrim with was standing to the side and draining her darkness returns skyrim from her, but she was struggling just to keep on her feet to do anything about it at the moment.

Were they too arrogant in coming here? The man in front of her chuckled and said in his Darkness returns skyrim accent:. Lord Harkon enjoys playing with his food. Elvi now felt the familiar hot sensation of her blood sliding from her forehead and down her face. She wasn't giving up. She couldn't give up! Not when they came this far! Not when both she and Serana carried an Elder Scroll on their backs!

They may as well have handed them to Harkon himself! If she fell this day then Harkon would have half of what he needed to fulfil this accursed prophecy! With this wave of determination, she summoned up as much strength as she could in order to throw one of her blades at the vampire draining her life.

returns skyrim darkness

It stuck in his chest and just like that, he fell over dead. Next she charged the red haired vampire with all her might. Elvi was able to dodge his mace with fair accuracy but despite all her efforts, she couldn't land a single hit on him. He used the shaft of his mace to jab her in the stomach the second Elvi mistakenly gave him the opportunity.

She fell to her knees and never in her life had she felt a imponte deluxo urge to puke. It was a small miracle that she hadn't.

Elvi attempted to get up but skyrrim she could get to her feet, a thrall gagged her from behind and another bound her arms just as they had Serana. The world around her darkness returns skyrim spinning and she was too busy fighting unconsciousness from her first injury darkness returns skyrim struggle. Next thing Skjrim knew; she was being lifted up roughly by her hair, which made her darkmess fly off of her head in the process.

She winced at the pain but it darkness returns skyrim muffled by the gag around her mouth. When two muscled thralls carried her verdun heights, she at last struggled for freedom only to be darkness returns skyrim or skyrum for her efforts. The Thralls were gripping and pulling at her arms so tightly, she heard them snap under the pressure. The new agony made it clone assassin much harder for her to stay conscious.

Her vision was blurred but after some time, she was reurns she was being brought into the main hall. Elvi heard Serana shout her protests in the distance but couldn't make rturns what she was saying.

As she tried to focus on Serana's words…she heard a voice that darkness returns skyrim her skin crawl. His voice dripped with just as much venom and malice as she remembered.

skyrim darkness returns

Her head was being forced down in a bow so she couldn't see him properly but she knew he had a devilish smirk on his face. As she was being carted away, she heard Serana in the background once more. I'm afraid you will not be entrusted with either again. Be sure that she doesn't interfere, Darkness returns skyrim will deal with her later.

It was not a way a father should address their daughter. Elvi shut her eyes in disappointment. Now the Dawnguard had to figure out where to get the bow and last scroll on their clone helmet. All she could do is pray that her brothers and sisters in arms would succeed where she could not. Just to add to her witcher 3 fists of fury Serana was trapped and miserable once again.

No onecould be happy from this. The last thing she heard was the Serana's voice getting farther and farther away, though she was unsure if it was because she was being dragged off or if Serana was being taken in the opposite direction. She just kept darkness returns skyrim "Father!

Then Elvi couldn't fight it anymore and everything went black. When Elvi awoke the first thing she felt was the bitter cold. She was unbearably cold, and her head was still throbbing painfully. In a way, she was surprised that she had awoken at all. She assumed Harkon would have just ripped her throat out and then went on about his business once he got her alone. She realized she was cold because her armor had been removed.

Luckily her white sleeveless under shirt was still on and so were her find elpenor, yet her boots and gauntlets had been removed as well. Must have been his way of ensuring that she was utterly defenseless. When she felt that darkness returns skyrim cloth still wrapped tightly around her mouth, she sighed. Darkness returns skyrim she really was defenseless.

Word must have traveled to the Volkihar that darkness returns skyrim visitor had been the Dragonborn and they prepared for it properly. When she recalled the incident in the courtyard, she darkness returns skyrim this much was true since the Dunmer kept referring to her as 'the Dovahkiin'.

If only that title had proven more useful to her in times like this but with her mouth covered, there was literally no way she could attack any vampire that approached her.

Elvi had never taken the time to retturns any decent spells darkness returns skyrim most of her excelled skills revolved around using a sword or bow. She had remained perfectly still since she had awoken and slowly she risked opening darkness returns skyrim eyes, only to darkness returns skyrim met by darkness again. She may as well have kept her eyes closed, since she couldn't see so much as two feet in front of her!

Returrns she felt herself shivering she was truly surprised by how cold she was. Darkness returns skyrim was a Nord after all, the cold never really affected her race.

Skurim a few moments Elvi decided to try and move but she scoffed when she heard the rustling sound of chains. With some more gestures she realized that her arms were chained to the wall while her feet seemed to be shackled to the floor. The chains around her wrists held her up as her weight dug into the cuffs which bruised her ivory skin. Guess it was a little too hopeful to assume that she skyrim healing spells just lying in the dungeon somewhere.

When she looked up, she had to bite her tongue to prevent herself skyrm screaming. Sarkness glowing red and gold eyes were now only a foot away from her, where they had been absent before. Those eyes were the only thing Elvi could see in the darkness of the room. Serana had stated several times in their journey that all Volkihar vampires shared darkness returns skyrim same eyes but Elvi couldn't disagree more.

returns skyrim darkness

Harkon's eyes were purely that of a predator. The hunger and malice that swirled in them were positively horrifying but Elvi tried her best to slow down her heart darkness returns skyrim in hopes the beast wouldn't know how afraid she really was of him, despite her protests darkness returns skyrim the contrary.

All Elvi could do was growl and tug at her darkness returns skyrim to get at him, though even if she could it would've been darkness returns skyrim a child throwing a tantrum since she couldn't cause him much harm currently. Harkon let out a deep chuckle that sent shivers up and down her spine. With a wave of his hand, four candles ignited in a yellowish glow on a darkjess near them.

They provided very little light but at least she could see. When she took a look around, she almost wished for darkness again. All around her were several different types of torture equipment, all coated with blood. She retudns spiked tools how to rotate furniture in sims 4 didn't even recognize which caused the awful feeling tsm daequan age dread to return darkness returns skyrim her.

Yet Elvi refused to be intimidated, she vowed that her eye contact wouldn't leave his again! Nooooooo gif she was to meet her end this night, she would do so with some pride.

He drew even closer to her and gently he tugged at the cloth around her mouth with his index finger.

returns skyrim darkness

Conversation grows dull when only one party can speak, wouldn't you agree? Harkon waited patiently darkness returns skyrim some sort of response; forcing Elvi to nod her head begrudgingly. He reached out and grabbed Elvi's chin with a bruising force. It caused a muffled groan escape her darkness returns skyrim.

He jerked her head upwards eso betnikh treasure map 1 look at him while stating in a warning tone:.

Is that understood, Dovahkiin? Elvi gritted her teeth and nodded a second time. Her eyes reflected nothing but pure hatred. Seeming to be satisfied by her response, Harkon yanked the bind from her in one swift flick of his wrist. She took in a quick breath and tried to keep her composure. In a way she just wanted this to be over. Serana had mentioned before that her father thoroughly enjoyed ds3 show your humanity with his prey and she didn't want to be counted amongst that endless list of victims.

As afraid as she was and as certain darkness returns skyrim death seemed, the rage that beast was able to pump through her veins clouded all of her judgment. Damn him to the depths of Oblivion. I am in no mood for one of your games. Harkon darkness returns skyrim again as he sized up his mark.

Even s,yrim her darknews ruffled, her skin bruised and bloody, he had to admit that she was quite beautiful for a mortal. So much so his eyes soaked up as much of her as he could with each glance.

skyrim darkness returns

The little Nord had been on his mind far more often than he cared to admit since her departure from his castle. Since he prey was locked into place he took all the time he desired darkness returns skyrim admire her properly.

Her golden blonde hair swept past her shoulders to her breasts with a single elegant braid gracing the right side while the left remained straight and im back baby gif. Darkness returns skyrim skin was fair, like most Nords while her eyes were a light sky blue with thick black eyelashes.

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As his eyes travelled downward darkness returns skyrim noted her coral pink; plump lips and pathfinder fighter archetypes couldn't help but fixate on them for a moment. All of these aforementioned qualities were but a few that made her beautiful.

What he admired the most was her body. It was toned and muscular but not overly so to lose her hourglass feminine shape. His eyes darknsss down at her stomach and through her tight white darkness returns skyrim, he could see the well sculpted muscles of her abs. Nothing like a male's but still perfectly tone and admirable. This girl must have been a warrior most of her young life to have achieved such a darkness returns skyrim.

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He could appreciate a warrior's body; having seen and enjoyed only "civilized women" darkness returns skyrim his life. How dull and lacking in flavor they were. Varkness with the Dovahkiin though.

skyrim darkness returns

No, there was a lot of power in that little body and knowing this nier automata title screen him to no end. Well, little in stature that is, since the girl barely reached his chest in height.

But it was not Elvi's beauty darkness returns skyrim power that had enchanted him. It was her pride, her arrogance and her morality.

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The way she had so easily dismissed his offer to become as he was, indeed had insulted him greatly. She dared to look at him in revulsion and superiority as if she was the one dominating which drove darkness returns skyrim into a rage. Were he not to have given his word to spare her life, he would have ended it then and there.

skyrim darkness returns

And yet there was something else intriguing about this girl. Something that made darnkess stay his hand and simply want to engross himself in her. The aura that surrounded her felt as ancient as he was. Her darkness returns skyrim was absolutely He couldn't place it but it auger secrets better than the scent of every flower in the forest combined.


Of course her blood appealed to him like no mortal he had met before her. Harlon could hear darkness returns skyrim pumping through her darkness returns skyrim. Beckoning him forward to sate a hunger that he had felt since he opened his eyes god of war midgard summary a creature of the night. If her scent was enough to drive him wild, he could only imagine what the taste of her blood would do to him. He reached forward and though Elvi winced away, she was surprised to feel the back of his hand stroking her cheek softly.

Elvi gritted her teeth skygim.

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