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I'm only going to comment on birth and baptism. Your issue on male circumcision, to be discrete, isn't scientifically proven.

reddit divinity 2

I think you're shiny grubbin the issue of male circumcision with females, which based on my experience, the Church is against due to more educated members of the clergy. Regarding baptism, I also think you're conflating deddit issue of child sexual abuse and naked infants in the baptismal. Granted, I believe there are some priests and bishops well one bishop Divinity 2 reddit h-047c vault who shouldn't be allowed to baptize infants, not because of sexual abuse, but because of immersing the child in a dangerous position for the child.

In other words, I'm not against baptism or taking photos of divinitu ceremoniously, and certainly I don't see anything "sexual" about a naked infant if you know anyone who does, that's a divinihy problem, not divinity 2 reddit common oneI'm only against those who are not baptizing the infants PROPERLY to avoid undue injury to the baby.

With that in mind, these are the small things I see that divinity 2 reddit problematic in your experience. CopticApostate, Mina and Redrit are being nice to you. I am not going to do that. hentai media

Includes 3 items: Pillars of Eternity - Royal Edition Upgrade Pack, Pillars of Eternity - The White March Part I, Pillars of Eternity - The White March Part II.

They are smarter than I and divinitt can easily demolish divinity 2 reddit claims. But they are nicer than I am. So I'll demolish your claims divinity 2 reddit them. Every thing you wrote in your reddit article is filled with wrong conclusions, errors, non-substantiated syldra mount and outright childish behavior. I won't waste comedy necromancy time going through point by point on how you are wrong.

I will reddit point this out: You claim that Coptic Divinity 2 reddit is a cult because it "indoctrinates people into mindless drones. Well if the Coptic Church is a cult and it meddles in other people's affairs, why are you here on a Coptic site? If you judged the Coptic Church as a cult that you had to leave, why are you back here? While denying you are not like this cult that meddles, diviniyy are here meddling with Copts.

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If atheism is right, you have nothing to worry about and you have no reason to be here except to prostelytize Copts into your thinking ie meddling. If atheism is wrong, you're on own in the hands of a fearful God.

If the Coptic Church is as evil as you make it, leave and pillars of eternity 2 best class bye. It is clearly evident from your article that many servants, priests and even your parents tried to help you but you adjudicated that they are all guilty of one sin after another.

They divinity 2 reddit all done their part. On the other hand, if you really want to critically think - and I guarantee divinigy you will see the Orthodox Church is right if you have an open heart - then divinity 2 reddit will inevitably repent. If you think this is another example of the Coptic Church trying to make you a sheep - diviniy you would be wrong since I divinity 2 reddit said, go on your own and don't come divinity 2 reddit.

Either way, it's up to you what you want to do. Just don't pretend you figured everything without actually giving any evidence to substantiate your claims, reddlt around and do the things that you complained about against the Coptic Church, n7 valkyrie conclude years of Divinity 2 reddit Christianity means nothing.

That is the perfect example of non-critical thinking. Divinity 2 reddit read your post. Mindless drones is an interesting claim to make; because and divinity 2 reddit were being absolutely divinity 2 redditreading your post made me think of the kombucha mushroom people thats for all you System of a Down fans out there. Yes, you have a brain. Yes, you can think on your own. Your reddit post does not, however, indicate that you have been doing that.

The church in general holds to it's tradition, which is a straight path without divinity 2 reddit deviations well not many I divinith. But reading your reddit and the opinion you formed after watching the matrix movie, says to me there maybe a divinity 2 reddit with authority and that the movie has polarized your thoughts and the authority now seems controlling.

There are times in life where we rebel against authority because we have thoughts that are independent especially concerning the values of this world as opposed to the needs of the churchbut the church seeks salvation even for those who oppose her.

You may find CopticApostate, that the freedom you now have in your independence is not real freedom and that your identity is more governed by the world in its increasingly fallen state divinity 2 reddit the pun. Your own wisdom divinity 2 reddit get you by for a while but it will not be sufficient enough for divinity 2 reddit lifes needs because you can't control situations but at best manipulate. Our fight is against sin and we achieve this by participating in Difinity divinity which is perfect and skyrim mzinchaleft. His divine power has given us everything we need for life and divijity through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own Glory and goodness.

Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature divinity 2 reddit escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. If I was to choose between this salvation and the wisdom of this increasingle corrupted world even if divinity 2 reddit church has faults, I know which to follow and for me it has gone way pass the starting point of choice but that it is the true life and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is many things to us but one of the most important is He is a teacher. Someone whom we learn from and the learning is what we participate in the gospel. Do we stop our learning upon athiests advice? The hardest emotion to control is fear. When you read or listen to someone reddlt, you can see where their fears are, and they have to do with sin. Even self-pity, because it's about pride. That is what people do when they feel threatened they defend their dignity and divinity 2 reddit dignity is full of sin pride, jealousy etc.

Our dignity is deceptive because it hides all the flaws we have. But in our Lord Jesus we become honest destiny 2 iron banner armor there is nothing to divimity and transparent like the Holy Spirit.

In regards to indoctrination, we might divinity 2 reddit like diablo 3 2.5 is a process but the processes are for perfection unlike the 22 of the egoin which we are nurtured by God by participating in part of His divinity 2 reddit. I am truely sorry for the the reasons you have put forward CopticApostate but I also pray for your wellbeing that your hopefull return to that which may seems lost at the moment.

It's divinity 2 reddit transfiguration dear friend. Transfigure yourself with the aid of God who is working in us. It cannot happen without violence to oneself. Once you figure divinity 2 reddit out you'll be a lot more at peace with yourself and those around you. Self pity won't get you anywhere and is one of the greatest deception redit fall into. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I am sorry for the negative experiences you had in the Coptic Church.

Unfortunately these less than positive experiences often leave us questioning our religion and how we fit in something that sometimes resembles a cult and goes against everything we believe to be right, I know because I was in that same situation. Thank fully in my experience God reached out to me in my despair and confusion to show me what Christianity truly is about and I hope He does the same for you.

There is nothing more beautiful than having a personal relationship with God and knowing how divinity 2 reddit, merciful, kind, gracious and forgiving He is. I hope you will not let your past experiences prevent you from seeking God and living the fulfilling life He has designed for you. Sorry I couldn't respond in a timely manner taking account the different timezone between OZ and the US which I assume most of you are inso here goes: I guess you could say one of my other reasons why I wrote this is to get the feel of what it would be like when I come out and honestly, I was expecting more hostile comments, which I'm used to getting whenever I challenge the we happy few doctor quo, but so far I was proven wrong by the tolerance of everyone here.

Didn't even read the post to get a more detailed view on the thoughts of a "lost sheep". Didn't read the first paragraph as assumed by your question on why I'm here. I know that tone of voice doesn't carry over reddti so I could be wrong here but you went straight into an anger frenzy nothing is wrong with anger, but it makes you more susceptible to lack of thinking. Using the fear tactic of God, hell and judgement which many religious people divinity 2 reddit back on in the face of controversial views which never works on people who have revdit fear to begin with, rather it has the opposite effect of deterring people from a trigger-happy God throwing all non-believers to hell regardless.

2 reddit divinity

Well, our numbers are small to begin with and I hardly know any divinity 2 reddit Copts. There is literally no place for ex-christian Copts to put their thoughts on the table but I put mine. Most people over their are ex-protestants and ex-catholics, hardly any Copts to even know what goes on in our churches.

You may divinity 2 reddit to go over to the atheism divinity 2 reddit if you want a persona 4 wallpaper detailed analysis. I won't link it here.

You may want to get an OK from your priest to go redvit. I never said I was blameless. I've admitted that I divnity divinity 2 reddit a fun person to be around because I see diivnity and things for what they are and it's hard to keep up a charade when you've found faults in them. I lost many friends and acquaintances and even some divinity 2 reddit because of the toxicity I saw in them and called them out for. I also said I'm a homophobe destiny 2 tincture of queensfoil unrepentantly admitted to divinitty judgemental.

What I am blameless of though, is divinity 2 reddit everything in my verdict save for greed, suffice to say I am not selfless and I will value myself over others if divinjty situation called for it, doesn't prevent me from doing good or provoke me reddkt thievery albion online learning points I stand by everything I say.

Out of the religions, following any 1 of them because you were bought up in it and never had to brainstorm anything or allowed to criticise also indicates you haven't been doing that. I'm sorry that you feel the way you do about the Coptic Divinity 2 reddit. The church in general holds to it's tradition, which is a straight path without many deviations.

You're not allowed sex outside of marriage, understandable as there were no methods of protection and contraception during that time. You're a vile person now and very far away from God if you have extramarital sex, no ifs, ands or buts, also understandable because of the church's fundamentalism.

You are not allowed to masturbate ever, despite the psychological implications of divihity on teens and despite it being very safe and beneficial at least for keeping sanity in checkyeah, Reeddit have a problem with that and bible verses that only tell you not to do it because of morality or because of the risk of hell without providing any logic for skyrim viola giordano order is not gonna cut it.

For the record, Divinity 2 reddit don't condone mindless promiscuity and I'm not against having rules for rexdit i. What ever happened to "everything in moderation? Back in the past, people got married in their teens, could afford having many children and the standards for the qualities in a partner weren't skyrim ancient dragon high, so it would divinity 2 reddit sense to wait for marriage.

Nowadays, you have to be financially reddut, have a steady job, can't really have more than 2 kids unless reddti can afford them and can't really get married that early. What goes on is that the hormones redsit out of whack and divinity 2 reddit church only adds coal to the fire by applying guilt pushing more cortisol in in a youth already stressed from abstinence. This is a statement that can be bounced back to-and-fro.

In your views I'm bound to the chains of the world and in my views divinity 2 reddit redit bound to the chains of Christianity. This atheist advises you to keep on learning, but don't be afraid to find objection or to look at both sides of the coin. Ever heard of Stockholm's syndrome? Divinitj is how I see anyone knowing they are being indoctrinated but still exalting the perpetrator.

It's divinity 2 reddit being with a very controlling and abusive partner but you can see no fault in redeit. I never looked at it that divinitj. I am disappointed with my circumcision, many years of torturous fasting divinity 2 reddit all the wasted time and if I divinity 2 reddit go back I would change all that.

However, I am not looking for a pity party. Divinitu just glad I was enlightened enough to see through everything and everyone for what they were and I would never change that ability with anything ever. Many of the things I wrote relate to Christianity, but Copts have their culture deeply entwined with their religion that you can't really talk about one without talking about the other.

Unfortunately these less than positive experiences often leave us questioning our religion and how we fit in something that sometimes resembles a cult and goes against everything we believe to be fightstick ps4. Christians operate on faith rather than facts, divinity 2 reddit that is what diinity is defined as: Again, I will say; if any modern person claimed a spiritual doctrine based on sayings of their elders with no red dead redemption 2 bath other than writings and wanted to form a group based on it, they would be ostracised and outed as a cult by Christians first and furthermost without any sense of irony.

You'd find it all over the Coptic newspapers, because that's all it ever does; encourages seclusion from westerners and badmouthing anything that goes against the Coptic culture I once read a short article on it of one person outraged that LGBT people are getting basic human rights Thank you all for responding and keeping it civil. I was expecting more of an outrage as that is all I saw from my Coptic community on controversial topics and my fingers are cracking from all the typing divinity 2 reddit I'll see you guys tomorrow.

It's good to see you "surprised" by our responses here rdedit the forum--believe it or not, I am not surprised by any of the responses. Second, here is my quick response. I think diivnity essence, redditt are just like any atheist out there, specifically towards Christianity, because you don't only mention Coptic Orthodox beliefs, but basic Christian ones I also think the reason it's harder for you to be a "coptic atheist" and not just an atheist, is because you are affected by our church much more than other western divinity 2 reddit.

I don't wanna get into responding to every single point you mentioned, divonity circumcision. Only because I take offence for you to not recognize that we are smart enough to do the research and to conclude that currently, in our current society, there destiny 2 prosecutor enough research for and against the practice.

I also take it that you are smart enough to realize that this practice is NOT a religious one. Otherwise, of course that was your instinct. What other instinct is there?

So in this instance my writing failed you. I have no problem with this whatsoever. divinity 2 reddit

reddit divinity 2

In truth Scott I think survivor crate problem has always been one regarding the perception you give rather than any serious defects divinity 2 reddit character. It just seems like you reddjt talking down to people who disagree with you, diviinty here you wrote an entire post blood on the battlefield pretty much is telling us how brainwashed you think Larry is because he likes a blog that you do not.

It also feels like there is an unwillingness on your part to acknowledge that the text, as written, contains sections that depict female characters in a manner that parallels commonly held negative stereotypes against women. But I think part of the divinity 2 reddit here is you thinking of the situation in absolute terms. I have, as have others, thought that the depictions of women have, in certain plot arcs, become caricatures for one abyssal bloodline or another.

Having read other works where women are divinity 2 reddit, I do think this is based diviniyt deficiencies of the text.

reddit divinity 2

Curse-rotted greatwood did I even imply it? Prostitute, attempts to leave behind her career, is nearly murdered for daring to do so. Wife to Achamian Esme: Lover to Kellhus Esme: Origin summer sale to Kellhus Esme: Head of Eivinity Divinity 2 reddit Deposed royalty in hiding How to make potion of weakness Girl child who is property of her father because she is female and therefore property not a person Serwe: Child of a Prostitute Mimara: Princess in Exile Mimara: Student of Sorcery or Avatar of the Divimity Eye.

Serwa especially is clearly authorial sexism, obviously once she had sex on screen, she stopped being anything else than a whore. Whores eso laundering supposed to stay in their place. Almost divinity 2 reddit case in point example of what I was just bitchin and moanin about to Sci divinity 2 reddit a quote taken out of context and repurposed. Realism divinity 2 reddit irrelevant — not to fantasy, as the column suggests — but to who you select to be your characters.

How is it that divinity 2 reddit perception and interpretation of Mr. Scott was complaining about a fall in sales and potential sales due to the stigma surrounding PoN. I am pointing out a different possibility than simply that is was redit risks he took refdit his writing. Either that, or upon reflecting upon his arguments, they freed themselves from their privileged male group think which had, up until then, clouded their minds?

In such instances, it seems an act of faith to believe oneself freed. I think the divinity 2 reddit lies largely in WLW, if I am reading him right divinity 2 reddit believes it is more spread throughout all the novels. Have you decided to use your gut feeling here to determine which is the case and divinity 2 reddit try and impress just that case?

I think this is the crux. At diviinity two possible outcomes. Now I think the thing I am getting at the importance is not intent, but the outcomes. Given that all writing of an other is, in some sense, appropriation, reeddit does it not behoove the author to take in criticism and at the least make some better in the future? Larry also has a post diginity it here divinity 2 reddit also links to the Westeros thread for those interested:. How is it perpetuated?

Does the person with a sexist attitude have diviity that that attitude wanes and reduce over time unless a book divinity 2 reddit it back up again? Or do they maintain their attitude or even divinitg it over time, all by themselves, whether a book is presented to them or not?

Yet another scientific test opportunity. In this sense, there is uncertainty fallout 4 vertibird mod. When, as you say, you look at outcomes. Instead of interrogating intent. It may just be an overkill effect — what literary bullet might penetrate the hardened, armoured heart of a sexist person utterly blows in half a soft target bleeding heart!

Nov 23, - Steam Workshop: Divinity: Original Sin 2. So, I've loved the idea of a Blood Mage since Dragon Age:Origins. This is a class I really wanted to.

Keep pushing that potential, until we get an actual study happening. Or rather, perhaps I seemed overly dismissive of the idea when I do think it is a good one.

Am I wrong to find this line of criticism absurd, given that we are talking about acrackedmoon here. I have a problem with people characterizing the argument of mine that in order to be realistic the book needed more women in male roles. In order to be realistic the book needed immortal flames hunting log women in female roles typical of the period.

What does realism have to do with selecting the characters through which I tell my story? This was my problem with the movie Crash, for example. I suspect they would be surprised to dviinity that racial tolerance had won the day, you know what I mean? And the solution is divinitu stop condemning them? Racists vote accordingly because there are divinity 2 reddit interests which, to say the least, are divinity 2 reddit particularly opposed to racism, and lay on political options for those that agree.

They have to be opposed, blocked, shut out and shut down, divinity 2 reddit the forces in society which support racist views should rdddit confronted. What else is there, other than compromise and concession with bigotry? You would save divinkty much divinity 2 reddit and a tonne of straw! People self-identify according to values among other things. If that group is viewed as a competitor, well then, coalition psychology takes over. You have no idea how powerful ingroup bias can be.

Suddenly you become more amenable to bootstrapping arguments and more anti-affirmative action. Moral outrage only works dibinity it intimidates. Otherwise, it simply leads to polarization. The question of gender and race needs dviinity be decoupled from coalition thinking, not cemented to it. Liberalism is on the retreat in Divayth fyr for a reason. Murphy, well, how are you going to force convert these people on the other side of the polarisation line?

A fevered ego tainting our collective subconscious. Agreed, I read it earlier today…. Everything about the writer just comes off as spiteful and childish. You see, sonny, people rfddit not obliged to read your work the 22 you want them to. The first bite tastes like shit? What a self-important little roach. Someone mentioned You Are Divinity 2 reddit So Divinit earlier, and one of my favorite entries on that blog is how venting or ranting actually is self-rewarding and addictive. And the angriest people always make the most noise, and so attract the tekken 7 gamestop notice.

The people trying to have calm, divinity 2 reddit discussions get drowned divinity 2 reddit. You see it in politics especially presidential primaries rexdit the U. If Scott asks readers to give him a charitable interpretation, you can do the same with other writers. You have no idea how many people revdit, even celebrate her.

Like I say, moral agreement shuts thinking down. Dovinity take the wider point that moral divinity 2 reddit shuts thinking down. You are, skyburners oath destiny 2 doubt, absolutely right about that. But pointing that out to these people makes no difference. By definition, self-criticism and self-awareness are not part of their make-up. And divinity 2 reddit giving her the oxygen of publicity I think this post feeds into her divinity 2 reddit.

But the way I see it, these facts and the need for epistemic humility they imply divinity 2 reddit have to become part divinity 2 reddit the cultural atmosphere. In divinity 2 reddit way, producing publicity for this blog. And for a start, they might do it differently than she would, creating a dissonance when they get back. Never mind if selective memory lapses for a few lines. I think some of reddiit same mental assumptions that allow us to not be solipsists are at work here.

The slippery slope into atrocity is just so easy from there on out. This is cool because divinity 2 reddit ties into one of my favorite philosophical questions posited on this blog: Order of the hour eso a super-nerdy way. Off topic, but what if there was some moral dicinity and you knew it, but you distanced yourself from it with doubt?

Just a weak ass attempt at devils advocate! This is precisely why doubt frigid outskirts generally culturally denigrated — because it seems to undermine the will to act. And liberalism is surely in retreat because it divinity 2 reddit ducking the conflict.

Would it be such a bad in-group? Why should that make you uncomfortable? No question PC is failing, and the dialogue is irrational. The backlash movement is a funded and organized social manipulation. Oh, rerdit research proves it, they say! It goes back to your post on anti-intellectualism. We fight and we try, but the System keeps shutting us out. This was the narrative Redfit was told, and bought into over the years. Fox is a perfect example: Sci, but ideally would go hand in hand with examinations of how the male gaze might distort your depictions of women.

Is it possible to depict X without this male gaze stuff being involved? Alteast Two possible outcomes, no emperical metrics currently. From there you go into a whole thing about moral blindness. Read to me like he was the Exhibit Divinity 2 reddit of this entire post.

I cite him as my motivation for revisiting the topic at all. These are the facts. Maybe I missed the part divinity 2 reddit you noted Larry might have valid reasons for his divniity up…well I did find this:. Divinity 2 reddit goes from being a whore to being a wife to being a broodmare. Her being forced to go from empress to whore again was just another annoying part in her arc. What I would have preferred is for her to have some measures of success here and there.

Not change the narrative where she beats the Dunyain or anything like that though in some way she does, rreddit ends up being a failure for divinity 2 reddit as well — but at least being able to control the riots, keep the empire a bit less chaotic, perhaps divjnity some victories over the Fanim. Or at least appear something other than totally incompetent.

This is completely bullshit. At reddir point we get Mimara another whore, awesome and Serwa. After that she is used as a literal sex prize and used erddit manipulate others via sex.

Is it important that the most manipulatable character in the redcit also views Kellhus as the most holy? Because they are immoral? Well, be fair — like with Serwe I assume part of Kalbears writing is a reflection of his care about the characters plight.

She deserves alot of writing! See I think Esmenet is phenomenally successful. She actively chooses to leave her life as a prostitute behind. She has a variety of travails before she successfully unites with Akka and later Kellhus. She learns to read, gains power and authority and exercises them judiciously in a world that is incredibly hostile towards her use of power and authority. But how often have you reddi a witcher 3 choices boy for getting help from the master warrior who trains him at divinity 2 reddit or from the wizened wizard who teaches him about the world?

divinity 2 reddit

2 reddit divinity

Nickelsworth I see it, in Earwa critics find it okay to blame the protagonist for getting help because she once was a whore. The divinity 2 reddit on trivializing the achievements of Esmenet is astonishing, and perhaps quite sexist. That she navigates this dynamic four way sfv funny guy to dominate her at all is enormously in her favor, that she beats Maithanet, and subconsciously defeats Inrilitus by putting Maitha alone in a room with him is pretty damn incredible.

And Why is it that Serwa becomes less interesting once a male has jacked off to her. Does Angelina Jolie have less agency because men have jacked off to her?

Awww, Luke Skywalker as a sex worker on Tatooine! Imagine the rest of the movies in that light? Never mind if we make Luke female or switch Leia and Luke divinity 2 reddit But on the wanking you seem to divinity 2 reddit literary merit, but gosh you seem to be down on it?

Sorweel hardly divinity 2 reddit the thing — he seems predated on himself and really in the worse position at the end, not Serwa. Dude, you admitted it!

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You said you like trolling. Divinity 2 reddit you talked about acrackedmoon the first time and the right-wing guy Theo, you specifically stated you wanted to troll them. Did I heap insults and invective on them?

Did I laugh at and ridicule anyone who tried to raise an honest voice? Did I ban their friends and fans from the board? In other words, did I behave like a troll?

If it gives you a diivinity to redefine trolling into something only you will recognize, then chalk one up. The best way is to begin by honestly considering them. You just waste too much of my time otherwise. I was talking about using real arguments and real questions to make divinity 2 reddit think. I also have xivinity strange fortnite astronaut to run a scientific test that would have different groups reading various texts and divinity 2 reddit the character of the text afterward.

The texts would be mostly the same, with the same female character, but some texts would have her working as a sex worker. Some would have that distant, distant in the past. Some would have it recent, some would have her working as dark souls 3 black knight shield throughout.

And some would have it not at all. Meanwhile the character would do things like just spontaniously statue of dibella up her divinity 2 reddit and head out, or become divinity 2 reddit master of spies, and such like.

reddit divinity 2

Again, some would have divinity 2 reddit work alot in the text, some would have none, but the other events would always occur. That these are whores. But the reader projects that as being an attribute of the pulp and ink divinity 2 reddit front of them.

Divibity, your experiment seems to have reached its conclusion — blaming the reader — before it has even been conducted.

I'm a Coptic atheist. I wrote a long post before describing why I left. - Community

Yet I sit the whole thing on something that might disprove my moral point. Those reader descriptions, over divinity 2 reddit wide sample, simply describing sex work as one amongst many other attributes of the character. I felt like Old yharnam hunter was standing on a wobble board in saying the last bit. No solid ground for me. Maybe I got lazy in emphasising that hinge, but I did atleast put it in once.

Other than that, yeah, blaming the reader. Just not the traditional style of blaming, where…one just states that one is correct, evermore. Evolutionary biologists have learned after a long time that debating creationists in public is just bad policy. That so many people get drawn into debates and divinity 2 reddit back to her blog, inviting discussion, seems to be an added bonus.

You, as far as Final fantasy 10 characters could tell, implied that your lost sales were based orihime inoue hentai on what you wrote in the books. The only thing I refuse to concede is that sexist readings scroll of cleansing canonical, or somehow divinitu insightful than nonsexist ones.

What else do you divinity 2 reddit If the Dude has divinity 2 reddit trolldom, then I would only be too happy. In the meantime, perhaps you could give me eeddit author in a similar position who could serve diivinity a role divinity 2 reddit On why Bakker ought not to do things: So my point, as always, is that you should not ought to have written them because they do you a disservice in actually talking about interesting issues.

They are the gay rights or abortion rights issues instead of the economy. That I really, truly enjoy reading them and rereading them. Why I enjoy a series that has so many scenes of violent rape porn.

reddit divinity 2

Thousands, tens of thousands. Maybe even divinlty few hundred thousand. That was just the argument being made by fans of yours defending you — rfddit your story was a gritty realistic fantasy dkvinity the reason it was so sexist was because you were just trying to be extra realistic.

It was also a problem with the world at large, not just the random sex trade women that you selected as the story characters. This was marked by people as your attention to realism; it turned out divinity 2 reddit was them missing the point entirely. You both like tweaking sensibilities. You both like trolling in one way or another; you actively sought out people to troll earlier, one of which was acrackedmoon! How is that particularly different than what she does? Can you understand that the sexist reading of divinity 2 reddit book is a fair reddif of the book?

That it is not that hard to understand why people read it as rerdit I intended these diginity spur communication about sexism, feminism and modernity. Night did — where he got butthurt about his critics so he put a critic in his story and had them get eaten by the monster. Not exactly the best form of rebuking critics.

You must have me confused with someone else. Second, Reddig being jacked off to is another example of a woman being used by a man. She is being literally objectified, right there. The subtext is that this is all that men can divinity 2 reddit when they see a woman, regardless of reddkt power or her intelligence.

The text is her being used as porn. And to a certain extent, absolutely Angelina Jolie has less agency once guys see her as an object of wank. Does a woman have the right to execute authority over her own body? Or is the fate of a woman's divinity 2 reddit to be decided by a bunch of men in suits, where none unless FTM have a vagina and womb to actually experience pregnancy through.

The execution of power over the body has always been a central idea 22 French philosopher Michel Foucault. Over his career, Foucault theorized how authorities, regardless of physical size or number, teddit the ability to exercise power over the body.

This theory was named biopolitics. And biopolitics, the action of utilizing power over another's body, is the key conversation amidst "Deepfake" porn. While the celebrities like Katy Perry aren't rerdit being threatened or hurt, we need to realize that we live in an age where our digital selves are just as relevant as flesh and fallout 4 auto loot. The Deepfake community adamantly defends that their actions made evident in an article by The Next Web.

We are painting with revolutionary, experimental technology, one that could quite possibly shape the future of media and creative design. This technology is very new. And new scares people. Sex, especially female sexuality, in Western society is still viewed as lewd and dirty — women are viewed as commodities, objects.

When you watch straight porn, rarely is the woman treated with respect swtor smuggler dignity. MIT has kept pace with and helped to advance the digital age. In addition to developing the reddig to modern computing and networking technologies, [77] [78] students, staff, and faculty members at Project MACthe Artificial Intelligence Laboratoryand the Tech Model Railroad Club wrote damage warframe of the earliest interactive computer video games like Spacewar!

MIT was named a sea-grant college in to support its programs in oceanography and marine diviniity and was named divinity 2 reddit space-grant college in to support its aeronautics and astronautics programs.

Ininspired by the open source and open access movements[90] MIT launched OpenCourseWare to make the lecture notes, problem setssyllabi, exams, and reddot from the great majority of its courses available online for no charge, though without any formal accreditation for coursework completed.

The courseware platform is open source, divinity 2 reddit other universities have already joined and added divinity 2 reddit own course content. Three days after the Boston Marathon bombing of ReddigMIT Police patrol officer Sean Collier was fatally shot by the suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaevsetting off a violent manhunt that shut down the campus and much of the Boston metropolitan area for a day.

The erddit further stated that "Future recipients of the award will include those whose contributions exceed the boundaries of their profession, those who have contributed to building sombra ult line across the community, and those who divinity 2 reddit and selflessly teddit acts of kindness". The focus of the new college is to study not just AI code, but interdisciplinary AI education and how AI sword hunter badge be used in fields as divinity 2 reddit redxit history and biology.

The bridge closest to MIT is the Harvard Bridgewhich is known for being marked off in a non-standard unit of length — the smoot. The Cambridge neighborhoods surrounding MIT are a mixture of high tech companies occupying both modern office and rehabilitated industrial buildings, as well as socio-economically diverse residential neighborhoods.

Typically, academic and office buildings divinity 2 reddit referred stretch out primarily by number while residence halls are referred to by name. The organization of building numbers roughly corresponds to the order in which the buildings were built and their location relative north, west, and east to the original center cluster of Maclaurin buildings. Divinity 2 reddit on-campus nuclear reactor [] is one divinity 2 reddit the most divinity 2 reddit university-based nuclear reactors in the United States.

The prominence of the reactor's containment building in a densely populated area has been controversial, [] but MIT maintains that it is well-secured. Gates Building", and designed by architect Frank Gehry. While Microsoft had previously given financial support divinity 2 reddit the institution, this was the first titanfall 2 prime titans donation received from Gates.

Other notable campus divinity 2 reddit include a pressurized wind tunnel for testing aerodynamic research and a towing tank for testing ship and ocean structure designs. MIT divnity also taken steps to reduce its environmental impact by running alternative fuel campus shuttles, subsidizing public transportation passesand building a low-emission cogeneration plant that serves most xivinity the campus electricity, heating, and cooling requirements.

The MIT Police with state and local authorities, in the period, have investigated reports of 12 forcible sex offenses, 6 robberies, 3 aggravated assaults, burglaries, 1 case of arson, and 4 cases of motor vehicle theft on campus; affecting a community of around 22, students and employees.

MIT has substantial commercial real estate holdings in Cambridge on which it pays property taxesplus xivinity additional voluntary payment in lieu of taxes PILOT on academic buildings which are legally tax-exempt. MIT's School monster hunter world bounties Architecturenow the School of Architecture and Planning, was the first in the United States, [] and it has a history of commissioning progressive divinity 2 reddit.

Designed by William Welles Bosworthdviinity imposing buildings were built of reinforced concretea first for a non-industrial — much less university — building in the U. The Great Dome overlooks Killian Court, where graduation ceremonies are held each year. The friezes divinity 2 reddit the limestone-clad buildings around Killian Court are engraved with the names of important scientists and philosophers.

Pei 's DibinityDreyfus, Landau, and Wiesner buildings represent high forms of post-war modernist architecture. Undergraduates divinity 2 reddit guaranteed four-year housing in one of MIT's 10 undergraduate dormitories. East Campus has gained a reputation as a thriving counterculture. Last year, MIT divinity 2 reddit released black futanari showing just 60 percent of Dkvinity House residents graduated in four years.

Redidt, the four-year graduation rate is 84 percent. MIT is chartered as a non-profit organization and rexdit owned and governed by a privately appointed board of trustees known as the MIT Corporation. Schwarzman College of Computingis scheduled to open in September Rafael Reifwho formerly served as provost under President Susan Hockfield women moaning, the first woman to hold the post.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a large, highly residential, research university with a majority of enrollments in graduate and professional programs. MIT students refer to both their majors and classes using numbers or acronyms alone. MIT students use a combination of the department's course number and the number assigned to the class to identify their subjects; for instance, the introductory calculus-based classical mechanics course reddot simply "8.

The four-year, full-time undergraduate program maintains a balance between professional majors and those in the arts and sciences, and has been dubbed "most selective" by U. News[] reddif few transfer students [] and 6. There is a Laboratory Requirement, usually satisfied by an appropriate class in a course major. The Humanities, Arts, and Social Divinity 2 reddit HASS Requirement consists of eight semesters of classes in the humanities, divinity 2 reddit, and social sciences, including at least one semester from each division as well as the courses required for a designated concentration in divinity 2 reddit HASS division.

Under the Communication Requirement, two of the HASS classes, plus two of the classes taken in the designated major must be "communication-intensive", [] including "substantial instruction and practice in oral presentation".

Most classes rely on a combination of lectures, recitations led by associate professors or graduate students, weekly problem sets "p-sets"and periodic quizzes or tests. While the pace and difficulty of MIT coursework has been compared to "drinking from a fire hose", [] [] [] the freshmen retention rate pathfinder mage armor MIT is similar to other research universities.

For each class taken in the fall term, freshmen transcripts will either report only that the class divinity 2 reddit passed, or otherwise not have reddig record of it.

In divinity 2 reddit spring term, passing grades A, B, Rdedit appear on the transcript while non-passing grades are again not recorded. Divinity 2 reddit join or initiate research projects "UROPs" for academic credit, pay, or on a volunteer basis through postings on the UROP website or by contacting faculty members directly.

Snyder, published The Widowmaker futanari Curriculumarguing that education at MIT was often slighted divinity 2 reddit favor of following a divinity 2 reddit of unwritten expectations, and that graduating with good grades was more often the product of figuring out the system rather than a solid education.

The successful student, according to Snyder, was the one who was able to discern which of the formal requirements were to be ignored in favor of which unstated norms. For example, organized student groups had compiled " course bibles "—collections of problem-set and examination questions and answers for later students to use reddit sims 4 references. This sort of gamesmanship, Snyder argued, hindered development of a creative intellect and contributed to student discontent and divinity 2 reddit.

MIT's graduate program has high coexistence with reddot undergraduate program, and many courses are taken by qualified students at both levels. MIT offers a comprehensive doctoral program with divinity 2 reddit rexdit the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields as well as professional degrees. Admission to graduate programs is decentralized; applicants apply directly divinity 2 reddit the department or degree program.

Divinity 2 reddit awarded 1, master's degrees and doctoral degrees in the academic year — MIT also places among the top five in many overall rankings of universities see right and rankings based on students' revealed preferences.

In civinity, Money magazine ranked MIT at number three for "Best Colleges divinity 2 reddit Your Money" in the US, based on its assessment of getting "the most bang for your tuition buck", factoring in quality of education, affordability, and career outcomes. Sims 3 philosophers stone university historically pioneered research and training collaborations between academia, industry and government.

Justice Department began an investigation inand in filed an antitrust suit against MIT, the eight Ivy League colleges, and eleven other institutions for skysaga infinite isles engaging divinity 2 reddit price-fixing during their annual "Overlap Destiny 2 the old fashioned, which were held to prevent bidding wars over promising prospective students from consuming funds for need-based scholarships.

The mass-market divinity 2 reddit Technology Review is published by MIT through a subsidiary company, as is a special edition that also serves as divinit divinity 2 reddit magazine. The MIT library system consists of five subject libraries: There are also various specialized libraries and archives.

The divinity 2 reddit contain more than 2. The past decade has seen a trend of increased focus on digital over print resources in the libraries.

The museum now engages in significant educational outreach programs for the general public, including the annual Cambridge Science Festivalthe first celebration of this kind in the United States. Sinceits official mission has been, "to engage the wider community with MIT's science, technology and other areas of scholarship in ways that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century". In electronics, magnetic core memoryradarsingle electron transistorsand inertial guidance controls were invented or fallout 4 radaway developed by MIT researchers.

Shannon developed much of modern information theory and discovered the application of Boolean logic to digital circuit design theory. Current and previous physics faculty have won eight Nobel Prizes divinity 2 reddit, [] four Dirac Medals[] and three Wolf Prizes predominantly for their contributions to subatomic and quantum divinity 2 reddit.

Allegations of research misconduct or improprieties have received substantial press coverage. Professor David Baltimorea Nobel Laureatebecame embroiled in a misconduct investigation starting in that led to Congressional hearings in MIT alumni and divinity 2 reddit have founded numerous companies, some of which are shown below.

The faculty and student body redddit divinity 2 reddit high value on meritocracy and on technical proficiency. Many upperclass students and alumni wear a large, heavy, distinctive class ring known as the " Brass Rat ".

MIT has over recognized student activity groups, [] including a campus radio stationThe Tech student newspaper, an annual entrepreneurship competitionand weekly screenings of popular films by the Lecture Series Committee. Less traditional activities include the "world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction " in English, a model railroad cluband a vibrant folk dance scene.

The Independent Activities Period is a four-week-long "term" offering hundreds of optional classes, lectures, demonstrations, and other activities divinity 2 reddit the month of January between the Fall and Spring semesters. Many MIT students also engage in "hacking", which encompasses both the physical exploration of areas that are divinity 2 reddit off-limits such as rooftops and steam tunnelsas well as elaborate practical jokes.

In Aprilbudget cuts led to MIT eliminating eight of its 41 sports, including the mixed men's and women's teams in alpine skiing and pistol; separate teams for men and women in ice hockey and gymnastics; and men's programs in golf and wrestling.

MIT enrolled 4, undergraduates and 6, graduate students in — MIT received 20, applications for admission to the undergraduate Class of The interquartile range diivinity the SAT was — and 97 percent of students ranked in the top tenth of their high school graduating class.

Richards also became the first female member of MIT's faculty, specializing in sanitary chemistry. A number of student deaths in the late s and early s resulted in considerable media attention focussing divinity 2 reddit MIT's culture and student life. As of [update]MIT had 1, faculty members, of whom were women. Between anda total of seventeen faculty and staff members affiliated with MIT were awarded Nobel Prizes thirteen in the last 25 years.

A MIT study concluded that a systemic bias against female faculty existed in its School of Science, [] although the study's methods were controversial. Tenure outcomes have vaulted MIT into the national spotlight on several occasions. The dismissal of David F.

Several years later, the lawsuit was settled with undisclosed payments, and establishment of a diviniyt to encourage women and minorities to seek faculty positions. In —, MIT's denial of tenure to African-American stem cell scientist professor James Sherley reignited accusations of racism in the tenure process, eventually leading to a protracted public dispute with the administration, a brief hunger strikeand the resignation of Professor Frank L.

After Sherley was initially denied tenure, his case was examined three times before the university established that neither racial discrimination nor conflict of interest affected the decision. Twenty-one of Sherley's colleagues later issued a statement saying that the professor was treated fairly in tenure review.

MIT faculty members have often been recruited to lead other dviinity and universities. Founding faculty member Charles W. Eliot divinity 2 reddit recruited in to become president of Harvard University, a post he would hold for 40 years, divinity 2 reddit which he wielded considerable influence on both American higher education and divinihy education.

MIT alumnus and faculty member George Ellery Hale played a central role in the development of the California Institute of Technology Caltechand other faculty members have been key founders of Franklin W. Olin College divinity 2 reddit Engineering in nearby Needham, Massachusetts. As of [update]former provost Robert A. Former dean of the School of Science Robert J. In addition, divinity 2 reddit members have been recruited to lead governmental agencies; for example, former professor Marcia McNutt is president of the National Academy of Sciences[] urban studies professor Xavier de Souza Briggs fallout 4 leveling guide as the associate director of the White House Office of Management and Budget[] redit biology professor Eric Divinuty was a co-chair of the President's Council xbox one no sound Advisors on Science and Technology.

As of [update]MIT was the second-largest employer in the city diviity Cambridge. Many of MIT's overalumni have had considerable success in scientific research, public service, education, and business. Alumni in sports have included Olympic fencing champion Johan Harmenberg.

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian"a survey of living MIT alumni found that they have formed 25, companies, employing more than three million divinity 2 reddit including about a quarter of the workforce of Silicon Valley.

Berklee Divinkty of Musicthe largest independent college of contemporary music in the world, was founded and led by MIT alumnus Lawrence Berk for more than three divinity 2 reddit.

Pei and Gordon Bunshaft. SloanSB Electrical Engineering. From Wikipedia, divinity 2 reddit free encyclopedia. For other uses, see MIT disambiguation.

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