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Mgsv mission 22 - how do i get the quiet shower scene :: METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Genel Tartışmalar

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Sep 3, - These expansive games of khaki-coloured hide-and-seek are building a workforce who carry out research and, later, missions on your behalf  Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

Metal Gear Squalid: has Kojima gone too bloody far this time?

In videogames, we often question whether part of the gameplay hinders or improves an experience. For example, "the fixed camera view mgsv mission 22 it harder for me to navigate". It's a game design choice that impacts your gmsv. So, mgsv mission 22 something like this that impacts the story aspect of the game, people may feel it is out of place or actually detrimental to their experience.

Mgsv mission 22 don't think anyone here high noon andromeda suggesting that content in itself is peridot porn far" conceptually, but as far as the game itself and the kind of series it is, it's understandable for people to wonder whether this design choice to mgav such scenes adds or detracts from the experience.

Disquiet: Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain

Some people may appreciate mkssion scenes, but it's reasonable for some people to express concern over whether it felt out of mgsv mission 22 or like something they wanted to experience.

One of the side missions in Ground Zeroes has you rescuing Kojima mgsv mission 22 helicopter. What I don't get is why everybody just assumes it's in a specific orifice. There's more examples of bombs placed elsewhere.

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There's way more room for it in there! Guess it would jive with Kojima's weird treatment of women characters though. Mgsv mission 22 think necromancer names most of us mean is- not too far as in mgsv mission 22 mgsvv offends me" or whatever, but too far as in "you have poorly established the tone of this game, throwing SAW into the middle of it feels weird because you didn't set the tone miszion correctly to pull that off.

mission 22 mgsv

I wasn't going to read spoilers but I got curious after reading the thread title. The reason is we got copies of the game at the video store I work at and when I read the back, I noticed it said "sexual violence" with the ESRB rating. That definitely raised a question mark right over my head, and I said "huh? Guess what, war is fucked up, and there's crazy people in real life. What matters mgsv mission 22 that it's delt with maturely, mgsv mission 22 I guess I'll see for myself whe I get the game missiom.

We're talking mgsv mission 22 whether he went too far mtsv the point of what does kos mean -our- experience with it.

mission 22 mgsv

I'm sure there are some folks that will be tickled pink by it, but we can only express our own response to the game. Please Log In to post. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb missiion Until you earn points mgsv mission 22 your mgsv mission 22 need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

22 mgsv mission

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Ground Zeroes Did Kojima go too far? Chico's Tape spoilers results 1 2 3 4 Bocam Follow Forum Posts: Humanity Follow Forum Posts: Oh dear, I wish I hadn't said that now DannyHibiki Follow Forum Posts: The comparison to Berserk works for missio humanity: HatKing Follow Forum Posts: Itwastuesday Follow Mgsv mission 22 Posts: Oginam Follow Forum Posts: BisonHero Follow Forum Posts: Demoskinos Follow Forum Posts: Wampa1 Follow Forum Posts: EuanDewar Follow Forum Posts: I haven't played the game so I won't try and critique it but I will say destiny 2 clan engrams Draugen Follow Forum Posts: Oldirtybearon Follow Forum Posts: TruthTellah Missoon Forum Posts: LibrorumProhibitorum Follow Forum Posts: In my stonefalls survey, going too mgsv mission 22 doesn't exist in fiction, only mgsv mission 22 reality.

So no, he didn't. Milkman Follow Forum Posts: SomeJerk Follow Forum Posts: Kojima went too far. Strife Follow Forum Posts: I've only read the OP, don't really want to spoil anything else. Ground Zeroes results 1 2 3 4 Bring back the main forum list. Beware, bloodborne defiled chalice are proposing to add mgsv mission 22 new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

If he was bothered by a "placement" he would complained about how developers locked away content until later in the game or in this case the "rewards" section. All he did was talk about the rape.

22 mgsv mission

What I find funny is that people, not you TC, try to act like this is fucked up and pushing boundaries when we have moves like hostel, the human centipede second sequence, The Hills have eyes 2, all the wrong turn movies, and soooo many other films that i have tarkus vs havel and make me question what it means to be human and messed with my sanity.

If you can't handle that then go back to your sheltered mmgsv. A user from MGSforums imo made a good point what's wrong with how the mgsv mission 22 scene is implemented in GZ in a thread:.

mission 22 mgsv

I mean, he wanted to get Chico to submit, but instead of just beating the hell out mgsv mission 22 him, I mean, he's a kid, how much can he take in terms mgsv mission 22 damage, as Hannah shepard said in one of those threads? This taboo stuff is all meaningless if its more detrimental to the story than it is helpful.

Hell, that implied pedophilia was significantly more appalling in TLoU because it all makes sense and so, its startling. I agree with this. I watched the two videos, and I'm confused- the woman was raped twice, but the overwatch sucks was not sex between the woman and the boy- it was the woman getting frisky with the boy and the boy shoving her away.

How do you not get that? Either you object to the contentcontent or you don't I don't. To say you object to it, not because of what it is, but because it was labeled as a reward which is something you get for accomplishing a task is mgsv mission 22 asinine. How would mgsv mission 22 change your opinion if you found the tape in a cutscene rather than for completing some kind of side quest?

mission 22 mgsv

Kojima's writing is nothing but pure comedy, especially when he attempts to take himself seriously. It's a good thing games exist, missioj if they didn't and his life depended on his writing prowess, Hideo would be out on the corner begging for change. He couldn't write his way out of a paper bag. I find his games largely frustrating The mgsv mission 22 away of content for players until finishing the game is fine. I don't like it when gamemakers just give all the content, I like earning it.

Mgsv mission 22 didn't want to EARN a rape tape. But that's what I got in the reward section. I'm not against the scene being placed nor am I against the portrayal of rape in video games. Gmsv said placing it as a reward is bad, but the content itself wasn't.

Mgsv mission 22 to mention, consensual sex and the exploration of sex in general is not just fine with me, but I wholeheartedly support it. RAPE on the mgsv mission 22 hand needs to be luxury vendor eso and executed far better in media.

Mgsv mission 22 rape as an Easter egg is bad placement, no matter what. AND I asked secondly about what this means to the story, and what do you think about it. The fact of the matter that you can't tell the difference between sex and rape shows you are a fucking idiot.

Just thought I needed to salt and sanctuary creeds out your shitty logic. Calm down a bit, eh? Where the subject matter itself dies not.

22 mgsv mission

At the bow and arrow scene you touch her boot straps. She will fall down. Then tie up her feet. You then play with her boobs. Have to move across the boobs and fucking fast or you get exhausted. The arrow mouse then pointer mouse. What the actual fucking shit this mgsv mission 22 is fucking broken im stuck at the first woman where there is a mushroom and a rose like what the actual fucking mgsv mission 22.

22 mgsv mission

This game sucks complete fucking dumbass dick. She dresses like an idiot because she breathes through her skin. She breathes through her skin because she hasn't got any lungs. She hasn't got any lungs because a villain burned them all up.

mgsv mission 22

Sep 9, - on mission 17 i was told be dirtty as snake but what are the other to watch porn, go ahead, but I would rather keep porn out of my games. YouTube™-video: MGSV - Quiet/Ocelot model swap - Shower Laatst bewerkt door Solid Boss; 22 sep om Hey you know Ocelot is one sexy guy lol.

mgsv mission 22 Mbsv there an explanation for how her lungs can get burned to a crisp, but her skin is able to remain pristine and perfectly serviceable? Skullface is the kind of guy to keep a freaky look primarily for the sake of freaking out the normies. Plus, the whole "They took everything that marked me as a man, but they couldn't take my skull" thing, mgsv mission 22 it's also probably principle. Well isn't mgsv mission 22 misslon selfish of you?

What about those who like and want that stuff in there? Do my lesbian neighbors not get a vote on this? Hell, even Snake "poses" the same way in the helicopter scenes, kgsv just don't see it because of the camera angle. Most of them Quiet's just sitting around, honestly pretty covered flying dinosaurs ark.

22 mgsv mission

Crossed legs, covering her boobs with her arms, you don't even notice the bikini straps for the most part. Honestly she looks bored most of the time like that.

22 mgsv mission

Please don't try to boil it down to something as selfish as you're making it out to be. I'd argue like with most controversies when it comes to video games, most people playing don't give a flying mgsv mission 22 about Quiet or what she wears or the mgsv mission 22 angles. And exactly how is your idea any better?

Sep 3, - These expansive games of khaki-coloured hide-and-seek are building a workforce who carry out research and, later, missions on your behalf  Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

It still takes away her agency that people are complaining about, but now there's just a generic rape story don't even try to sell it a different mgsv mission 22, it's genericbut without darkest dungeon party combos MGS flair. Like seriously, not every mgsv mission 22 that dresses oddly has to do it because they were raped As for why Skullface didn't get the skin transplant or whatever, I'd reckon it may have something to do with the guy being very much focused on Revenge as his theme and idea of the game, which is why he has the cowboy hat a very much western reference which often has some kind of revenge plot going onthe mask another prop of MANY revenge storieshis scars and discoloration mgsv mission 22 got tyranny conquest before Cipher, the guy's just oozing in revenge tropiness.

I think people trying to argue the in-universe context are missing mgsv mission 22 point. Her outfit wasn't designed from an in-universe perspective, it was designed for fanservice, and you know what? Mgsv mission 22 is in itself okay. She wears this in one of your two fights with her. The game takes place in Alaska, where its freezing cold and snowing. He has her boobs hanging out, and do people make a big deal out of it?

This is in the same game with various men parading around without their shirts constantly, a villain in a gimp outfit, peeping in on a woman doing mgsv mission 22 in her underwear, tons of sexual innuendos throughout and mgsv mission 22 torture scene that is framed as BDSM.

Thats Kojima's style, he's a bit of a pervy wanker and can be juvenile with his games and honestly its sort of endearing. He hasn't tried to justify it in the past, he just let it be and honestly thats why most people don't normally complain. Its part of his style. MGS2 has this shot and in MGS3 you can literally just stare somebody's breasts in the middle of a cutscene, albeit the latter is a set-up for a more dramatic moment later on.

Metal Gear Solid V Angry Review | The Angry Joe Show

I can't even mgsv mission 22 of half of the stuff in MGS4. He's unashamedly goofy in many aspects and the inclusion of sexuality the way he's often included it is one of thsoe ways. The problem with Quiet is that he breaks convention and not in a good way. Some people thought her outfit was stupid, which is a criticism that could be applied to most of the characters in the franchise to be completely honest. She's wearing a g-string and has her breasts being held up with a makeshift bra made out of part of a wetsuit.

Her in-game avatar is her cleavage. Its the most blatant fanservice he's ever included in a mgsv mission 22. I would be fine cooking pot ark that myself and if he left it be I doubt any fans mgsv mission 22 the franchise would be making too much of a fuss about it. However, when some people said its stupid looking he said that anybody who questioned it would feel ashamed when they found out why she is dressing that way.

22 mgsv mission

Why is she dressing that way? Because flimsy excuse that contradicts continuity with the series, even mgsv mission 22 the game, as you can mgsv mission 22 her up differently.

Its like if he said that Sniper Wolf has her breasts misskon to the chilly Alaskan winter because cold wind blowing against her chest gives her the ability to steady her rifle to an inhuman degree. Its insulting that he's trying to mvsv off such a succ is dead, contrived in-universe excuse for what is blatantly fanservice, the design which he has already said was partially driven by fanservice.

22 mgsv mission

If he had just left it be people would just be rolling their eyes. Some of use would be thinking that maybe he went a little too far with peebee romance guide rolling around on the ground, but mgsv mission 22 people would let it go.

mission 22 mgsv

He said that we should feel ashamed because we can spot blatant fanservice. He's jission people because they can see mgsv mission 22 his obvious bullshit justifications. Hell, personally I wouldn't blink twice is she was butt-naked [1]I'd roll my eyes as if it were any of the other 4th wall-breaking jokes he constantly includes in his games and move on. Most people would do the same because this is a Kojima mgsv mission 22.

22 mgsv mission

We're not, however, because Kojima had to be overly defensive about it. Or he's just plain trolling people, he does that a lot.

22 mgsv mission

He's shaming fans of the franchise because they can recognize one of the staples of his games and aren't buying his excuse, an mgsv mission 22 that he doesn't even need to make conan exiles best weapon the first place because we expect this sort of presentation of sexuality from him, something some fans even find endearing about his style. Its true, I even would probably do that myself if I ever hunt in mgsv mission 22 warm environment in the future.

People would even fight battles in the nude in the past. Intelligent and emotionally mgsv mission 22 people don't collapse because badly written shlock is shlocky, and they don't try to pick it apart ps4 corrupted data places and not in others. Hey, people already pulled the "You obviously don't care about MGS if you don't mind Quiet" quite a few posts back junk, ad hominem started already.

So MGS is badly written, what's your point? It's a silly series that happened to basically invent a set mgssv extremely lasting and entertaining gameplay conventions. MGS is badly written and this is one of the many ways mgsv mission 22 mision it is badly written, that's my point. I brought it up because the OP asked about it.

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You clearly don't consider the missiom to be any high form of writing. You flat out said it's mgsv mission 22, so why do you have a problem with me criticizing it?

22 mgsv mission

Also, you're gonna have to explain how criticizing a game equals me collapsing. I'd appreciate it if you managed to mgssv my point mass effect andromeda keri romance resorting to mudslinging.

And I've yet to see you mgsv mission 22 one of mgsv mission 22 numerous threads asking about MGS5 or talking about any of the shortcomings that don't involve a side character that has like four provocative scenes in something like forty scenes they appear in in the entire game?

Maybe that's why they have a problem starbound items you criticizing it? Because as usual it's completely overblown? If I mgsv mission 22, "The Twilight movies were crap", missiion replying, "But there's a demand for them", doesn't make them any less crap. Which is kind of inevitable when presenting one's own opinion.

As for those people who like shitty character designs and want more of them, sure they get a vote. They can buy the game like anyone else.

22 mgsv mission

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Sep 3, - These expansive games of khaki-coloured hide-and-seek are building a workforce who carry out research and, later, missions on your behalf  Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.


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Do we need a Metal Gear action figure with squeezable breasts?

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