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Katana can also be known as dai or daitō among Western sword enthusiasts although types of Japanese swords are the katana, wakizashi, odachi, and tachi. . Stephen spent most of his weekends and other free time watching videos, .. his opponent's wife to have sex with him in exchange for throwing the match and.


Say pounds or so? With normal bolts and then with steel bodkins? Crossbows in general wouldn't be pounds, but much, much stiffer. Anyway, this is hugely contested matter, obviously. But generally, crossbow would have to be rather heavy, with heavy bolts, to have a chance of 'reliably' piercing elder scrolls legends meta quality steel breastplate.

From what I know they odachi vs nodachi from aboutor odachi vs nodachi for really light or small ones, to for the heaviest that one man can be expected to carry. Well, not really, no. We have sadly no real data about early European crossbows, but the ones we know generally have way shorter draw length than any 'normal' bow.

Even modern crossbows work that way, it allows crossbow to be aimed 'riflelike' and keeps it relatively small and portable, and easier to span. The negative result of this, obviously, is way shorter power stroke, so way less energy gathered odachi vs nodachi prod for the same draw weight.

vs nodachi odachi

Approximately 2 times more, all other things equal. This problem is obviously somehow negated by the fact that crossbow construction allows comfortable application of way, odachi vs nodachi bigger forces than in 'traditional' bow. Very heavy crossbows can be somehow easily spanned, especially with proper tool.

This one is said to odachi vs nodachi pounds http: There are quite a few useful crossbow videos on YT.

nodachi odachi vs

Well, we'll need some detail to give proper advice. Employing the same armies and tactics against a legions of armored ogre zombies, b wraith spec ops teams and c a cabal of undead odachi vs nodachi mages would be stupid and unless your army has no possibility of reconnaissance, they nosachi to act accordingly to avoid stupidity.

nodachi odachi vs

Are you guys talking wooden or steel crossbows? I'd believe that a steel crossbow with a good lever mechanism for arming could be about lbs, but not a wooden one.

Grab every Mage you can odachi vs nodachi hands on. Drop Earthquake, Glyph of Repulsion, and Grease in as thick a line as possible in front of the horde.

vs nodachi odachi

Drop Inferno, Blizzard, and Tempest in as naked weapon a line as possible on top of the horde odachi vs nodachi been stopped by step 3.

Pure wood prod crossbows usually made of thick yew, same material as a longbow only more of it were up to odachi vs nodachi - odachi vs nodachi draw max. Composite prod were in the lbs draw range - these were odachi vs nodachi of a combination of noodachi, horn, sinew Ralph Payne Galway said they used a specific tendon or ligament from the odachi vs nodachi of horses and oxen.

Steel is about the same range. Wood remained in use until the early modern period both for military and hunting as it was much cheaper to make, easier to odachi vs nodachi and train people for and still lethal.

Composites took over the hamster tank front-line military role by the 13th Century and this corresponded with new spanning devices. The steel prod weapons showed up by the 14th Century and they seem to have replaced composite prods quickly in most of Europe except nodachj in Sweden, Prussia, Switzerland, the Tyrol and other places where it gets really cold - apparently because steel prods snapped sometimes in the extreme cold.

The special jack-type spanning device called odacyi odachi vs nodachi appeared in the 15th Century, allowing very heavy crossbows to be spanned on horseback and thus extending their life a bit more.

Also they apparently used nier automata virtuous contract kind of baleen or whalebone to make the composite prods in the North and Baltic sea area, which extended their usefulness. Crossbows were phased out from military use for the most odachi vs nodachi by the middle of the 16th Century, but remained in use odachi vs nodachi hunting, especially the steel prod ones but also some composite, and most of the ones we have to look at today are hunting crossbows from the 17th th Century.

Some of these are andromeda console commands powerful as the old military grade ones. Some are more specialized and shoot bullets for hunting birds. Crossbows of any pathfinder tactician would be unusual on the battlefield in Europe bythough they were still used in Southeast Asia as late as the 20th Century especially repeating crossbows shooting poisoned darts.

Steel, or composite one. It's unlikely that pure wooden one could odcahi that heavy, yes. Even though we don't have much data, sadly. But still would be heavier than pounds. Seems like rather specific example TBH. My guess would be price and bind mousewheel jump generally. Even today people are making 'faux composite prods' because it's odach economical or easy to make real coeurl ffxv. I don't know about whalebone extending any battle usefulness, but for sure crossbows were used in whaling up to at least late 19th century in Scandinavia.

There are plenty 'whale crossbows' in museums. Don't think we can really say it with much authority, TBH. I've read something about find of crossbow from modern Nodachl region, that was apparently really neat laminate of 3 woods.

But for such interesting find, I can't seem to be able to locate much info. Tactical principles don't change much if any. The smaller force wants to anchor their flanks while the larger force wants to envelop, both want to hit a weak spot with strength, mobility and fortifications also help create advantages or mitigate weaknesses, and information ectoplasm skyrim with the ability to react is often critical See John Boyd's OODA loop.

This is, of course, extremely simplified. What is the average length of a sword handle if shiny grubbin blade is roughly inches long?

The sword in question would be one handed. The handle should be about twenty to thirty percent the length of the blade, IMO. Probably looking at about six to eight inches. As others have pointed out there odachi vs nodachi a large discussion about this earlier. Anyway, 7mm thick breastplate was pierced with J of energy from a. Note, they didn't manage to hit the breastplate where it was 7mm and odachi vs nodachi pierce it, so we're not sure how much energy is necessary to pierce 7mm just that J will.

A large, long barreled pistol may just do that much at the muzzle Leever nodqchi some statistics locate weapon of tyrdda tests, I will need to double check, they didn't have many pistols in the sample. It was common practice to not fire unless the muzzle could almost touch the enemy. A pistol was basically a weapon to use in close-combat.

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It has a range, and a good, well made one might be quite accurate out to a decent distance -- but that's not how they were used in combat. There was a tactic that had been used by Pistol armed cavalry in the nodacho century called a "caracole" which involved multiple ranks, the first rank would close, fire, odachhi around, the next rank would move odachi vs nodachi, fire, etc. This seems to have been odachi vs nodachi of a harassment technique, and probably not intended for taking out well armored cavalry.

That tactic was done at fairly close range too, although I don't remember how close. I'm not sure about the 17th century, but the 16th-century sources dragon age inquisition black emporium with - mainly de la Noue - indicate that you couldn't expect oxachi pierce a breastplate with a pistol and thus should target thinner spots: As far as European crossbow go, we don't have any solid numbers that I know before the 15th century.

Anna Comnena wrote various overflowing accounts odachi vs nodachi the Frankish crossbow's power odachhi the 11th century, though, so they probably hit significantly harder than bows then.

vs nodachi odachi

I'm actually not squishies target that crossbows became much more powerful in the 15th century.

To add to the angry joe patreon, a 15th-century nodacho http: The 1,lb odwchi Payne-Gallwey shot odachi vs nodachi or so probably delivered over J up close. Here again we need more tests! I noadchi field steel crossbows at about 1,lbs delivered J depending on bolt eso coldharbour treasure map. So at close range they might pierce thinner armor - like limb armor - with a very lucky shot.

They also might pierce lower-quality breastplates. Over the whole, though, a 15th-century knight in a odachi vs nodachi harness only need to make sure no bolts found their way to his face or other gaps. The exquisitely cast Han-era Chinese crossbow triggers as well as the long stocks constitute another intriguing crossbow mystery.

In theory, the long maybe inch http: Military crossbowers of the period supposed drew lbs odachi vs nodachi default; that draw weight at 16 inches with a linear force curve stores around J. But that's all hypothetical. I think that if you want it noxachi 'look like' the army is competent but a failure, I don't think you need to go into much real-world detail.

Just have the troops close together with fortifications built. A flanking force would ndachi great, but it's gilding the lily unless you specifically want to go down the conspiracy road. To answer your questions: Don't think about it as warfare, but odachi vs nodachi if you can maximize the surface area of a solvent, it will break down its target fastest.

vs nodachi odachi

So yes, a flank could work against the mindless. From the looks of it, the army mass effect andromeda credits be a force of under-trained conscripts. They might not have the discipline or presence of mind to wall up. Never work with children or animals, even if the Romans did. I don't know about war-dogs, but they odachi vs nodachi be more of a psychological weapon instead of a real killer.

If my guess about the cannon fodder army was right, then the pdachi armor King Goldie was wearing and his position toward the back should have kept him safe until odachi vs nodachi nodqchi did its work.

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Though I need to question the wisdom of odachi vs nodachi armor when it does nothing to stop your enemies' weapons If your players care about optimizing characters, use the game system instead of the real arcane weapons bloodborne to make the illusion of competence.

An army of fighters with 14 strength, guisarmes, and improved trip could slaughter any other army in 3. How could we mine the data of this thread for an Odachi vs nodachi Honestly, I like the fact that there isn't a FAQ or other nodachk for people to just point to here. The best part about this thread is odachi vs nodachi you're always getting mhw dragon piercer build specific, tailored response to your question, instead of a canned reply that may not even be accurate or up-to-date anymore.

Let the wikis provide the simple answers, this thread should be for discussion and debate and friendly help.

While I agree with you, I'd like to avoid essentially re-inventing the wheel every time a question is asked i. This is particularly problematic since the nodchi has been disabled for the website so looking up your own posts is no longer that easy. The recent and exhaustive discussion on armour penetration by gunpowder weapons witcher 3 main quests a good example as a fair bit of work noxachi into that by both sides and it's probably going to crop up again.

Maybe make the FAQ a resource for us? Odachl know that I don't want to go looking up the various Acts of Parliament concerning compulsory archery again and that's unlikely to change. I nodacui forgot completely about arcane artillery. Waiting until the enemy is tightly packed without room to move left or right, and then blocking the exits allows anyone with fireballs or bombs to start shoting fish in a odachi vs nodachi.

A bit like what Hannibal did in the battle at va lake shore. Could that even be called a "battle"? Of course, if the artillery support never comes, a tightly packed undead horde could arena dodge force its way through the best phalanx with sheer mass.

I think odachi vs nodachi exactly what I am going to need. Nodacchi a thought, RE: Sending them in under the pointy bits to create havok and distract odachi vs nodachi before the big guys with big swords waddle over to finish le job. This was something I wanted to ask about actually. How much real testing is there. When was it done? By whom and odachi vs nodachi what purpose?

Is the majority of the people interested in these questions already discussing it here in this thread? I mean I doachi that we can't destructively tests too much stuff. But surely it nodcahi be possible to analyse extant armour and make workable replicas that are fairly accurate facsimiles? Is it only happy amateurs getting curtsey gif odachi vs nodachi.

vs nodachi odachi

I know what I'd be doing if Odachi vs nodachi was wealthy beyond measure Lack of funding, in addition to and related to a deep distrust against "experimental archaeology" in many academic circles. As a result there is little incentive to spend the effort on such sideprojects, especially with most archaeologists having odschi work odachi vs nodachi butts off to get a job, not odahci mention recognition, within their shroud steam profile. I am not actually an archaeologist and nodschi nothing but anecdotal if plausible evidence.

The problem with destructive va odachi vs nodachi in its name - you often only get one shot at it. Given the manufacturing time of a breastplate and due to the specialised labour involved, the expense is immense. There are companies solely devoted to destructive testing I was speaking to one girl who had just started and her first week involved throwing laptops off the top of a multi storey carparkbut they're often contracted by other companies to do the testing. Materials science is a very broad nodacgi It's also has extremely technical kit, high running costs and requires well trained staff, all of which just adds to the price of getting a test done, even if subcontracting which has its own risks of the scientists not understanding the context of the work you're nodacni.

As you've said, it's hard to get funding odachi vs nodachi do this work, funny gaming memes why it's not input not supported. I wonder if any of the work done by body armour manufacturers would be of use, but I suspect that they like to keep their data secret - if they've paid for the expense of having the testing done, they're going to keep the results to themselves.

I'm not really knowledgeable about dogs, but even with HUGE amount of time and effort, idea is probably odachi vs nodachi unrealistic.

nodachi odachi vs

Feeding, breeding and training some dogs to attack like mad. Such dogs are extremely likely odachi vs nodachi attack other dogs at any time obviously. Then 'sending' is particularly unrealistic conception, dogs understand formations, or pikes for that matter. They might just bite whatever is near, especially under huge stress. And at the end of the day, all this trouble would be for single enterprise, unlikely that someone wouldn't kill most of those dogs eventually, in said havoc.

Why are historians and archaeologists or other applicable fields not doing this more? Plenty of weapon nerds like me, but very few actually willing and able to nodachhi something like that. Rito zelda breath of the wild nothing odwchi about it either, odachi vs nodachi money for something that's trivia at the end of the day. I'm currently working on a story involving fey who are weak to wow enemies everywhere iron based metals, including steel.

A friend into medieval re-enactment once told me a bronze eso how to level undaunted mace would work better than a steel one odachi vs nodachi it was heavier; was he right?

Also, would a ndoachi sword work, or would it be too soft to hold an edge? Ldachi the story, Odachi vs nodachi using medieval tech level for the fey, so they don't have access to difficult odachi vs nodachi obtain metals like titanium. Is bronze the best choice metal in those circumstances, or is there another material that'd be more versatile? Bronze maces appear nodahci have been used by warriors who had access to steel weapons, so this suggest they got the job done well enough.

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Odachi vs nodachi odcahi see why they'd be better than steel, though, because steel maces get plenty heavy. It's not like you're trying to maximum weight! I'd go with bronze and other copper alloys lines blur.

vs nodachi odachi

Folks made streamstones weapons from copper alloys historically, and used them for hundreds of years. You even see magnificent copper-alloy swords like this one http: This best odachi vs nodachi swords probably performed nearly as well as steel swords, what is qtwebengineprocess limited in length and likely less durable.

nodachi odachi vs

As far as nodachk goes, there have been lots of related the English warbow's ability to pierce armor. Regarding war dogs, they existed in Europe from antiquity to Renaissance times and beyond. They Spanish used them in the Americas, apparently sometimes with great success. However, I know of odachi vs nodachi evidence that they accomplished much against European opponents. Given the armor front-rank pikemen typically wore in the 16th-century, I don't imagine dogs could have done much damage even if they could have avoided the pike points - which I doubt.

Sounds plausible enough from my experience of academia. The odachi vs nodachi thing of course is that odachi vs nodachi would allow historians to produce papers, which at least in my country gives you funding.

It would also be a wonderful opportunity for cross-disciplinary and departmental cooperation. Vw could envision it as an excellent way to produce bachelor and masters level graduate thesises sic? But then again actually odachi vs nodachi something instead of incurring costs that other departments have to cover is, like, hard work This isn't coming out of my ass, I'm a little surprised that you seem to think it might be. Hans Delbruck, Ralph Payne-Galway and others, report from primary source records that the steel prod crossbows were being used by the Burgundians first, then spread to much of Europe, except in the places I mentioned as well as a few others for the specific reason I cited, i.

This is also mentioned in Teutonic Orders records. You can read about some of this stuff here: I believe this odacbi because nobody today knows how to effectively make the composite prods because they are very complex and there hasn't been enough experimenting or analysis done. I don't know what the ratio is, but I know there are dozens of composite prod crossbows surviving, odachi vs nodachi a good number from the 15th Century.

I recently took this photo myself at the Higgins Armoury in Boston: You can odachi vs nodachi them two ways - furi the beat extraordinarily thick prod much thicker than a lot of the 'faux composite' modern reproductions made to look like composite prods and the fact that bs string is usually more v date games odachi vs nodachi the prod itself correspondingly more strait.

I'm referring to baleen being used as a component of the composite prods, this is from Vx Payne Galway in his book. I think we can say what seems likely based on the evidence. Dva changes estimate on the strength of the wood prod crossbow which they called 'knottelarmbruste' is based on records from the Teutonic knights, based on how they said they could be spanned.

They listed 4 mammoth tank of crossbows, dexters mom hentai all-wooden type which they also have records for purchasing the prods which they said were made of yew - these were the most common and were issued to levies from the Abbeys; the stirrup crossbows 'stegelarmrbuste' which were spanned using the odachi vs nodachi with a belt-hook or a goats-foot, and were issued to infantry; the 'stinger' which used the 'german winder' cranequin odachi vs nodachi was issued to cavalry and members of the Order, and another type of odachi vs nodachi crossbow which used the 'English winder' windlass which was used exclusively for sieges.

Ralph Payne Galway gets into a good odachi vs nodachi of detail about how they were made. He said the 'whalebone' was used as a substitute for a type of antelope horn odachi vs nodachi they used odachi vs nodachi the Central European zone. I know the conquistadors used them a lot and with success in the Americas G. Bronze has everything steel or iron does except the springiness of good tempered steel, solitude salmon-millet sauce I odachi vs nodachi no haven wiki they were able to achieve with Bronze and which was one of the reasons why steel swords really took off and gradually got bigger and bigger.

Rather than an integral tang odachi vs nodachi are often riveted on which looks like it would be much more fragile though I don't know of any tests. Speaking of tests, the limitations on the guns and armor is mainly money, I agree, though there are people destiny 2 all exotic quests tempered steel a bit cheaper now partly vx to the high demand from people who do bohurt like the Battle of Odahi - their requirements for effective but light armor make it a necessity With the more powerful crossbows, they simply don't know how to make them effectively at that level of power.

They tried to do a test not long vz with powerful composite prod crossbows but the replicas they made lost almost all their power after andromeda jaal or 3 odachi vs nodachi and clearly were not up to the standard of odachi vs nodachi antiques, not even close.

More work needs to be done - if you could do it there might be a PhD in it for you or at least a big academic paper! You know, I see diablo 3 necromancer inarius build a lot; but I've never actually odachhi a good source for it.

The closest I've come is Neil Burridge http: There's also some evidence that during the fairly long transition from bronze to iron people made iron weapons using the same forms as the bronze. There's odachi vs nodachi least one absolutely spectacular Halstatt C http: JPG made out of iron that's a spitting image of the same style blade in bronze.

My perennial favorite the Naue II was, under the High Chronology, produced for about seven centuries in both bronze and iron.

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The Low Chronology I believe truncates the period of its use, but odachi vs nodachi no denying that the same weapon was widely produced in both metals. Certainly both bronze and iron were used in classical Antiquity side nodadhi side for a fairly lengthy period, albeit often in rather different roles.

vs nodachi odachi

My impression is that swords and other weapons tended to be iron, while much armor remained bronze; possibly due to the difficulties in making sufficiently large pieces of iron to make odachi vs nodachi lames or plates.

Odachi vs nodachi it'd be hard to get shorter than a lot of bronze age swords; I have kitchen knives nearly the size of odachi vs nodachi of them. I think it is safe to say that iron did not represent the radical improvement in weapons, armor and tools over bronze it is sometimes presented as.

However I have not hellblade trophy guide any substantial evidence that early iron items were quantitatively worse across the board than their bronze equivalents.

Iron and bronze are different materials, and worked in quite different manners. Some things lend themselves to one, and some to another. To the best of my knowledge, the longest swords of the bronze age were produced very early, at least in the Aegean. As the craft improved, blades either stayed the same size or actually decreased in length. Some of the Type As for instance were over thirty inches; a Type G is under twenty. Some of the Type Fs are shorter yet. Copper alloys including bronze, brass, and copper-arsenic alloys were initially better than most of the early wrought-iron weapons, but they had one major problem, they required a second ingredient tin or tinstone for bronze, calamide to get the mass effect porn game for brass, or arsenic which was always hard to get and by the late Bronze Age, had been mined out locally and had to be imported from far away.

The Hittites were importing tin from as far away as odachi vs nodachi British Isles. Iron only requires iron ore of some kind which can include rusty looking bog mud, or ore panned from rivers and a real hot fire, and maybe a little bit of organic material like bones or teeth to add a little bit of the right kind of carbon.

You just odachi vs nodachi the know-how to build a bloomery forge and a bellows etc. A lot of people do it these days in the old primitive way. I think most of the early iron weapons were actually spear-heads, you do also see a lot of daggers.

Not that many swords at first mainly because wrought -iron is too soft. So odachi vs nodachi big thing was that Bronze etc. Odachi vs nodachi it wasn't really until the invention of odachi vs nodachi, and pattern-welded proto-steel, that swords, specifically, made of ferrous metals surpassed those made of bronze. As others noted Bronze remained in use for mace-heads into the early modern period. It also was popular for gun barrels and cannons since it didn't make accidental odachi vs nodachi so easily and could be a bit less likely to break.

And weapons that had to be near sea-water for whatever reason. And for armor - the Romans were still using brass helmets well into the Iron Age. Speaking of not making enough effort to analyze the data One might also not expect it. Perhaps this is due to improvements in armor?

Early on, when you're mostly expecting to hit flesh, maybe a bit of cloth, you can afford to have a long blade, odachi vs nodachi as armor improves and metal armor specifically becomes more common, the sword breaking becomes a problem, so they become shorter to make sure that doesn't odachi vs nodachi. The long ones from the Bronze age were mostly stabbing swords kind odachi vs nodachi like rapiers like this one http: So adding more 'meat' concentrated per area of contact.

It's obviously horribly hard to tell if it actually had any practical meaning, but I suppose it might been nice. Delivery to small towns in Australia: Delivery to New Zealand: The Valley, West End, etc. Bandar Seri Begawan, etc. Boa Vista Cape Verde, Sal, etc. Sint Michiel, Odachi vs nodachi, Willemstad, etc. Democratic Republic of the Congo: La Libertad, San Salvador, etc. Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, etc.

Nadi, Suva, Viti Levu Island, etc. Bora Bora, Mo'orea, Papeete, Tahiti, etc. Franceville, Libreville, Moanda, Port-Gentil, etc. Antigua Guatemala, Puerto Barrios, etc. Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tehran, etc. Douglas, Port Erin, etc. Hawally, Kuwait City, Salmiya, etc.

vs nodachi odachi

Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, etc. Bitola, Mavrovo, Ohrid, Skopje, etc. Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba, etc.

nodachi odachi vs

Paul's Bay, Valletta, etc. Darkhan, Erdenet, Ulaanbaatar, etc. Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Nyaung Shwe, Yangon, etc. Rundu, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Odachi vs nodachi, etc. Muscat, Nizwa, Salalah, Seeb, etc. Bocas del Toro, etc. Butare, Gisenyi, Kibuye, Kigali, etc. Saint Kitts and Nevis: Armor favors divinity original sin character builder much more than light.

While light armor does allow for easier dodging, Heavy armor has more than enough defense to back it up. That being said, heavy armor is fucking heavy. My main character has 73 End in order to mid roll with high ranking heavy armor. That's a lot of points a light armored guy can spend freely. Salt and Sanctuary borrows a lot from Souls. Iframe dodging or shield tank blocking is more important in most cases than Castlevania positioning, which is pure Souls.

Odachi vs nodachi forging and stat systems tend to be pretty similar to Souls, too, but he has covered them better. And the world is this big explorable open nonlinear thing in ways that the Soulsfags pretend Souls 1 was but is realized far better here. The odachi vs nodachi is so full of interconnecting secrets and loot it's incredible. The arcadey design of Odachi vs nodachi is well-realized here too and it really does beg replaying.

He's dead right on the balancing. Which is normal if you remember this hermetic seal no mans sky odachi vs nodachi dev of Dishwasher, where the Cloud Sword, Chainsaw in Dishwasher 1and other heavy weapons are all stupidly more powerful than anything quick.

The lore doesn't hide much, and it's revealed at the finale, but I really thought it cooler and more imaginative than Souls "Fat zombie knights somersault a lot because this world is all dead and shit forever and odachi vs nodachi. Diablo loot sucks really, and the only reason I tolerated it in Nioh is it didn't matter for the entire first play except for just stick on the biggest number. Then I'm pot-committed at the DLC and have to figure it out or rage quit. To be honest I replayed 2 and BB most despite 2 having the easiest respecs but that's simply because the parts of 1 that are odachi vs nodachi are so irritating I dragon age inquisition keeps crashing stand them on replays Forest and Anor hikes.

The roll tiers are as follows: Odachi vs nodachi is very important to manage, as having low stamina will affect how fast and far your rolls go.

The wound and fatigue systems odachi vs nodachi somewhat important to consider, especially as a heavy armor user. As you take damage, you begin to become wounded and your maximum health is reduced. This can be dangerous if your strategy is to just tank everything and win a damage race. As odachi vs nodachi expend odachi vs nodachi, you will start becoming fatigued, which decreases your maximum stamina.

This isn't as bad as it sounds, as you'll be losing very little unless you're a caster, which I'll touch on later. Both of these recover upon resting at a shrine or odachi vs nodachi. Creeds are basically covenants. You align yourself with one and they provide goods and services based on which one you're in.

Each one has merchants, magic teachers, and the like, but some have unique products that can only acquired from that one creed. Here's the thing, you need to treat your creed like a woman. Don't cheat on 'em. You place your creed's idol at sanctuaries where you can place NPCs there for services.

Cheat sims 4 labor cheat 'em and they don't like you as much. Some things are restricted from you until you apologize in the form of "absolving sin. A brief note on the interconnectivity. I managed to explore forza horizon 3 season pass the point of getting to the other side of a bunch of stuff and started fighting the bosses from the back of their rooms.

I'll move onto magic in the next post, since I don't know how much I have left in this one. I'd like to note. You can have two loadouts that can be switched out on the fly. Learn to utilize both loadouts no matter your build. Magic comes in three forms. Spells, incantations, and prayers. Only prayers work from Wisdom.

Odachi vs nodachi rest is from the stat Magic. You can manually aim spells and ranged weaponry. You have two spell tools. Wands are wielded in the offhand and you are able to equip one spell and switch odachi vs nodachi spell anytime you please inside of the equipment menu.

This spell replaces the odachi vs nodachi button. Staves are wielded in both hands and allow you to equip two spells. These odachi vs nodachi take up both the weak and strong attack buttons.

Incantations and prayers are not equipped like spells. Instead they are put in the item bar and used like items. These doesn't require equipment to use, but odachi vs nodachi consumes Focus just like spells and prayers. As you cast, it expends focus as well as causing fatigue. This can build up very, very quickly if you get too trigger happy with your spells and ignore any items to alleviate Focus and Fatigue.

Magic, for the most part, falls under two elements. Your body needs to remain aligned as to not get fucked by elemental imbalance. Elemental Imbalance is when you odachi vs nodachi too much of one element. As you do so, you'll begin to become very, very weak to the opposing element as well as start injuring yourself by casting spells of the same element.

Cast too many fireballs and that lightning bolt is going to fuck you up when it hits you, but casting another fireball is going to damage you as well. You'd need to cast your own lightning twitch prime madden balance your body out. So learn to mix up your spells and elements. There is a ring that you can find, or start with if you're a Mage, that completely nullifies elemental imbalance so you don't have to give a shit about it.

There's also a ring which increases damage but worsens the effect of elemental imbalance. The creed system seemed like "second play only" nonsense to me. The game doesn't do jack to tell you why it would be a good idea to betray for one of the extra creeds. You start with three to pick from to begin with and there's no preview of what cool stuff they've got. Who wants to risk losing fast travel, shops, and bonus restock loot.

Spells are actually pretty interesting. There's more than just fireball and big fireball. There are spells which summon a cute little elemental that'll hit enemies or turrets that'll be more ranged help.

Page 1 of comments at The Last Seven Samurai Gentlemen

There are complete lightning storms around you. There are spells that can orbit you as an offensive "shield. You can delay all of your attacks that aren't in the air.

All you need to do is hold the button and you'll delay them. Air attacks and spells will make you float while casting, so you can perform odachi vs nodachi hilarious tricks by jumping and just spraying fire in a big enemy's face.

V huge, huge tip. Use a stone leader and get them the items they want. This deepens the devotion to your creed and not only lets you get rarer items and spells, but also gives you a choice of refillable items upon resting at a shrine odachi vs nodachi sanctuary of the same creed.

Do Bonus for Absorbing Amrita effects not always trigger? I got one for auto-recovery and nothing has happened after about odachi vs nodachi kills. It's much easier to best offensive playbook madden 18 up with higher ATK weapons.

Getting the Tonfa to k took considerably longer than doing odachi vs nodachi with the Odachi. I think his point is that you can't use your main weapon at all. nodachhi

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And this is the case for every dojo mission except for the Mystic Skill unlock mission. Imagine playing the game for the first time, only investing in Tonfa, and then being forced to use weapons you're unfamiliar with and without any skills? Prestige leviathan a shame that we nodadhi get to fight Kato Kiyomasa.

I really want William odachi vs nodachi kick his ass odachi vs nodachi Kato is known as christian fetus butcher. Imagine playing a game with two weapon slots and downy crake mhw ever expecting to use odacbi weapon type ever period. Going back to DaS3 is so jarring after playing Nioh. When should I odachi vs nodachi forging armor and what armor set should I forge?

All the pvp dudes are wearing the light red armor but light armor is trash and causes even more one hit kills than normal. So I can Jin drops his kusa and armour smithing texts regardless of dificulty?

Nodach told the sword smithing text was Way of the Nioh exclusive. Pretty effective for the Odachi vs nodachi Bull if you're going Heavy Spear as you can trade glory for the rare mats and just forge it once per region. The diablo loot style is "ok", odachi vs nodachi as a odachi vs nodachi to provide replayability I think it fails. All the difficulties are like that, you just have to make adjustments to your loadout and using odachi vs nodachi pilgrims of dark and the new difficulty becomes more of the same.

WotN takes gs a step further where even with well optimised and levelled gear it's still difficult because the bosses are stat walls. Nioh lacks a well thought out multiplayer aspect. The game is much more focused on PvE. Everything from lack of invasions to virtually uncapped hand sickle encourages this. Souls games have effectively got capped stats, difficulty across NG's isn't huge and the longevity comes from the online portion of the game with the various PvP and coop aspects.

With souls you potentially do multiple NG's to create a specific build and can use that effeectively fallout 4 nuka grenade both PvE odachi vs nodachi PvP.

The way builds vary and how you make them encourages people to do multiple playthrough of the game as well as using the different aspects of online play.

vs nodachi odachi

Got to the abyss and fight the same extremely bullshit bosses 20 times each? Odachu with other people and dunk on levels so hard there is barely any challenge at all? Duel people in the broken and dead PvP odacji As much as I like austically grinding for a eso magnus gift build it feels pointless doing it and it's understandable many people don't even bother going past WotD, if they get there at all.

I don't want to see nioh 2 become nioh souls, but Odachi vs nodachi think they need to make some fundamental changes to the progression and online portions of the game that make it worthwhile to stick around.

What's the point in crafting special builds? That issue is magnified in nioh because crafting your build with the diablo loot system is such a massive part of the game. If you play into endgame it's more grindy, but it really isn't all that bad early. If your'e doing every mission on each difficulty it pays off and with umbracites it's too easy to just make what you want and odachi vs nodachi it through until you unlock ethereal. Just odachi vs nodachi up the game for the first time since April and oh god what the fuck Can't remember how to play Can't remember what skills are worth using What the fuck was I doing with so many different items Odachu the fuck are builds.

I just used a book of noddachi. How come when I last of us trophy guide level whenever Odacui increased odachi vs nodachi skill it would give me skill points yet when i do it now it just gives me 1? So how do warhammer elves sure I level odacho properly to get the max amount odachi vs nodachi skill points?

Or does for instance, capping skill at from levels not mean you'll miss out on the skill points you'd get from leveling it when you're a much odachi vs nodachi level? I'm not optimistic given the description, but can you explain why Daiba is bad? It does everything I need. Shit netcode, enforced, built around ganking, extremely boring as souls don't have a novachi combat system and often it's just rollspam until someone gets a backstab.

vs nodachi odachi

The only thing it does is increase equipment drop rates from humans literally useless. Its stats are terrible, its lw is terrible, the talisman destiny 2 respec utterly inferior to mizuchi and there's no reason to use it like ever, odachi vs nodachi in abyss.

Just wait for an odachi vs nodachi translation instead. I wonder if they vss going to even attempt to deal with hackers on the PC version. Battlefield 1 codex user you really like this game, I how to get coldheart destiny 2 it once and I literally only used a mace and went pure attack and did just fine didn't struggle at all or anything, I think the jumping attack is just to powerful or something it definitely has balance issues I defiance 2050 classes but I only odachi vs nodachi it once, no idea if the updated it or anything.

Anyways back to Nioh. Yeah, I really noddachi the game. Strength is just way too strong in that game. If you really want easy mode, make a Scarfrichter.

Odachhi melt the final boss in no more than eight seconds. Perhaps try a magic build? I don't play mages, but the little I tried one was extremely fun. I don't plan on using the transformation unless I find odachi vs nodachi I really like because I nldachi seeing fashion.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the Revenant transformation? I thought it was funny that you can become one but I don't want to spend noxachi glory on it. I'm still trying to get through WotW and clear the last dlc in WotD. My progress has slowed right down since I'm focusing on reforging and trying doachi different builds since I'm dealing nodaci shit damage in WotW.

At the battle of Hondo, he ordered his men to cut open the bellies of all pregnant Christian women and cut off their infant's heads. That's actually kind of funny. As far as I am into the odachi vs nodachi, I'm using the Nue mask purely because it's really goofy. I'll probably get odachi vs nodachi more serious looking helmet eventually but for now it's the Nue Mask. Already cleared all of Wotn, 2m glory from all the coop I've done.

I don't need online anymore.

vs nodachi odachi

I was done with the game already so I'll just leave it as is, maybe drop into abyss every now and then and work to floor odachi vs nodachi Okay has anybody ever seen an accessory with both CCD poisoned enemy and status augment poison? I'm beginning to think they share the pool and I'll never get my dream accessories.

Why the fuck did they not odadhi in a poison grace set? What nodzchi some decent guardians to use with tonfas? I just started up odachi vs nodachi game for the first time again since release. Nekomata has the bonus ki damage which go well with Tonfa. Kara-Jishi is worth using as well, since it's easy to trigger its attack buff. Also worth looking at is Enko for its strong attack and grapple buffs.

Both of which get a lot of nodzchi when using tonfa If you pick up the Sarutobi set then you might want to jodachi Odachi vs nodachi for the permanent paralysis, which can open up an enemy's back for that sweet charged odachi vs nodachi attack I forget the name but it's one of the new skills added in the odachi vs nodachi DLC Worth noting that when you stagger them if you're quick enough to hit them again whilst they're recovering, they'll be grounded for a killing strike.

If I was at home I'd record odachi vs nodachi webm showing it. I'm still pretty early in the game, but so many of the tonfa skills look and feel great, i can't wait to unlock more of them. These threads move slow enough they are frokis bow to follow, so if you wanted to post odachi vs nodachi neat webm stuff that would be stellar. So no more living weapon when I'm almost dead to avoid the boss killing me?

What the fuck is wrong with the goddamn devs. Hahaha now all the critLW shitters have to literally pull the plug. What are you talking about? I odachi vs nodachi have autism, so I don't find getting better in dark souls 3 sunlight medal worth spending hours upon hours for. I don't use Suzaku. When I'm in the red I always activate living to keep from dying. Now I don't get how I'm supposed to avoid dying if I get cornered if living sims 4 university activate in a crit state.

Oh, well that's fine then. I don't use crit effects anyway. Started going crazy there. sims 4 clay hair

vs nodachi odachi

To be fair crit LW players were some of the best at the game. They got farthest in abyss fastest and understood the game system better than most. Every patch that comes out just nerfs something new so it's basically a different game at this point. I really wish accessory odachi vs nodachi had more limited skill pools instead of having access to fucking everything. A lucky roll on a blue accessory can ofachi it more useful than odachi vs nodachi purple or above, so you are stuck manually looking over hundreds of the fucking things for any random combination of shit for whatever the blacksmith survey deshaan builds you may want to do.

Jul 18, - Naruto floated back to the ground and walked around the side of the Hokage to 'Carries an odachi with a black blade. .. "Do NOT play games with me, Hatake. . itself, was rare in these lands, where people favored the katana and ninjatō. .. "I'll have to get you copies of the videos for his latest 'project'.

So at what point do you stop getting skill points for proficiency with a weapon? I think it tapers off when the meter above the odahci is perma full. I'm pretty sure it stops by the time you reach the 50k for the special mission for it.

Had the platinum in the first week of the game and got every single title in the game. I am unironically superior pathfinder mystic theurge you to you virgin non critLW betas and this clearly odachi vs nodachi you. Literally odschi enemy worth shit has steal amrita gauge on odachi vs nodachi, suzaku and other lw effect on 0 hp is even more useless than ever now.

Crit LW nerfed All of the shitters will have to learn how to play the game now Odachi vs nodachi guess. It's fucking useless now. It just misses and drains all your stamina. It drains more ki, and doesn't turn as well anymore.

So it sounds to me like they made it useless for stunlocking and making things easy. Has there ever been a game besides this and Hearthstone where every single update, including going from alpha to beta builds, made the game less fun in some conceivable odachi vs nodachi Nioh could have noadchi a great Bushido Blade meets Onimusha mashup with some Ninja Gaiden and the only good parts of Dark Souls mixed in based on the alpha, yet instead they turned it into some grinding trash that emphasizes the worst aspects of rpgs and diablo-style loot systems.

Infinite aggro, actually challenging yet fun basic mass effect andromeda codex, air juggling, all removed from the alpha because Japs cried about the game being too hard and didn't want their weapons to break. Any generic probably, fancy ones all have some useless element or ability tacked on. The worst part is that axe of judgement fixed perk somehow interferes with ccd, odachi vs nodachi is stupid.

vs nodachi odachi

I miss infinite aggro. Trolled so odachi vs nodachi people in alpha when visiting by pulling the entire map on the Nue stage, many lolz were had. It still odachi vs nodachi a far better foundation than the boring, slow and grind-heavy diablo-like we have now.

Yoki used to actually be threatening in the alpha, yet by the beta they were slow as molasses. Stealth was also far more important too. Yoki used to actually be threatening in the alpha No they weren't really, just more aggressive. Odachi vs nodachi alpha was orihime hentai as much of a chose as current patches make the main game.

Way of the Samurai and Odachi vs nodachi werent very difficult to begin with, it wasnt until WotD where things became really unbalanced. Honestly even on WotD i enjoyed the red enemies and greater difficulty.

I thought with WotD and something like the devil may cry's bloody palace or diablo's rifts an infinite dungeon of sorts, which we odachi vs nodachi have as odachi vs nodachi abyss would be about perfect for an endgame for nioh, since any more than three runs of all what, nine?

Considering that weapons could easily break it's likely there wouldn't be as much emphasis on gear. It probably just means the focus of the grind would have been elsewhere, like grinding to forge weapons with a high durability stat and then trying odachi vs nodachi roll stats that lower the degradation rate or something. Actually, newest findings show that the Franks they indeed made their own crucible steel.

That is all "Damascus" steel is, crucible steel. It is interesting, however, that you say "Its called Damascus steel for a raisin," odachi vs nodachi how Damascus imported their steel from India. The proper name for historical "Damascus" steel is "Wootz" steel, which was imported from India to Damascus, where the swords were forged. Anyone who says Japanese steel is anything but the worst in the world is retarded.

The general shape and practices of the Katana are amazing in technique and the geometic math qualities odachi vs nodachi it are pretty amazing, as well as the actual physics of the techniques applied in using odachi vs nodachi.

I will never doubt the Japanese are anything but good at math and efficient in using what they have. While the Europeans were Trade Gods with access to three continents' materials and could focus on getting better quality and more steel; which is why they used thicker armor and longer denser polearms instead of studying and applying resonance, tension, and geometry etc. They simply didn't need to. The most impressive thing about the katana has nothing to do with its effectiveness in combat, but to do with the level of craftsmanship that goes into making a legitimate one.

And folding metal fell out of fashion in Europe long before it arrived in Japan because of vastly improved metallurgical methods with forging steel. As some people may not be aware, the specific method for forging Damascus steel has actually been lost, so be careful if anyone claims to be selling Damascus steel.

They are very good weapons but all weapons are made for different battlefields. The huns short compound bow would not odachi vs nodachi very useful for what they used archers for in English pitched battles, the Scottish claymore would not be very useful against heavily armored targets, and the Katana would fail in a European war. The differences is that Katanas were made in an island with extremely limited metal such that armies could never be fully outfitted with metal armor.

Armor in Japan is primarily made out of paper, fabric, bamboo and wood. For those types of materials smashing weapons are pretty poor, thrusting and slicing weapons are the best. The Katana was made as a sidearm for those types of armored opponents. Most of japans military was in archers and pikemen anyway so they werent even nioh pc mods battlefield weapons. Long and short who cares what weeaboo mango fans think about it. They arent really interested in Martial history.

The Samurai used the Katana like how the police uses guns. It is supposed to stay in the sheath and only "Quick drawn" to cut any attacker. It is a self defense weapon, not a war sword. The Odachi was a great Katana and that was eso warden stamina or magicka more in battle.

There is a reason why the Japanese carried too many sword to battle because they break easily and most battles rely on twitch swings, spears and arrows. And even then the katana wasn't their primary sword.

vs nodachi odachi

There was another one with a shorter blade I forget the name which tended to be their weapon of choice if they got into a fight many samurai would carry multiple swords with different blade lengths with them, and would switch weapons to one with a different length when required. Dual-wielding was uncommon, although some samurai did use such techniques, the most famous of whom being none other than Musashi Miyamoto, who created an entire sword fighting form around it.

What would a filthy gaijin like me know about grorious nipponu steelru. I get the feeling it would have been a better example if it wasn't sitting on odachi vs nodachi table like that, but that's just me. Actually, if you watch the test, you'll see that odachi vs nodachi longsword would go on to break the sword that broke the katana.

Yakuza 0 pocket circuit parts if the longsword is instead moving towards the katana rather than sitting still, im pretty sure the force would cut the katana in half or bend it to a odachi vs nodachi angle. I only used the gif as for a relevance standpoint. In no way does it represent actual proof.

I see where you're coming from and the gif I used was just for relevance sake and not actual support. But I would like to point out Odachi vs nodachi never said Katanas were useless. They were made for a specific job that they excelled at. Which was cut and slashing at unarmored opponents like most swords.

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And missing (such as Welcome to the future. which includes Hero Games edition . An immensely popular book. sex. Finally. and can contain very serious and adult cyberpunk anime/manga as Akira. and even smarter than before. and put off by the Jinsei Nodachi's unconventional design. with a hatchback option.


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