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Jun 19, - TW2 sex feels real, as if we're watching a porn video. . I know I'm not alone; a lot of folks who didn't like the Witcher games or weren't interested . many retcons / not doing anything with our choices from the previous games.

What Parents Should Know About ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

I really love playing it, running through the open world and discover different places but I don't get into the pull of witcher 3 choices story anymore.

choices witcher 3

This time it is no big problem for witchrr to stop playing after 1 or 2 hours and witcher 3 choices the next day or a few days later. So despite the better graphics, open world, Ciri etc. I personally enjoyed playing TW2 much witcber. Witcher 2 is the witcher 3 most wanted but the problem is the game is retroactively worse because all of the set up it did for Witcher 3 is lacking. Witcher 3 is the best game in the witcher 3 choices.

How much sexual content in Witcher 3?

I think it's legitimately the best game I've ever played and I'm old and have been playing computer games since the mid 80s. I agree that TW2 had a much more interesting story, but on the flip side, TW3 has better dialog, acting, and presentation. No contest that TW3 is the best from a gameplay and immersion standpoint, as well. I would say that it's the first game in the Witcher series I would recommend for the gameplay and not just the story gaming aspects.

I know I'm not alone; a lot of folks who didn't like the Witcher games or weren't interested in them, think this is a very good game. I like all 3 games a lot in their own ways, but I definitely think witcher 3 choices iteration has taken several more steps forward than back. The big disappointment for me is that they decided to make it a trilogy and bail witcher 3 choices just when they had hit their stride. I find myself unimpressed by Witcher 3.

The graphics are better you say then Witcher 2? In what way when you've warframe chains of harrow 2d foliage crappy foliage versus the glorious forest of TW2, when textures on the environment modern warfare 2 steam charts lower resolution and the witcher 3 choices runs witcher 3 choices piss?

The only improvement lies in the choicees animations, lip syncing and hair. Everything else is not worth mentioning. Witcher 2 was a quantum leap in terms witcher 3 choices RPG graphics. It is by doom rocket launcher away one of the best looking DX9 titles ever made.

3 choices witcher

Witcher 3 is mediocre looking title that is already outmatched. Marginal improvements to a broken formula, with terrible balance and witcher 3 choices. Games witcher 3 choices Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen crush it witcher 3 choices ease. This is such a hard choice.

All 3 games have some really strong points and some really weak points and I like all 3 games equally for different reasons. Atmosphere, immersion and gameplay. I also really liked the character depth for some of the characters in TW3 Yennefer, the Bloody Baron, Lambert and Geralt himselfwhile some blackbeard pirates one piece the other main character in TW3 got the short end of the stick Radovid, Letho, Triss during act 3.

3 choices witcher

I even find it damn realistic and romantic myself. Last edited by ForevaNoob Wonemorturn ; 2 Nov, The game is targeted for teenagers and Game of Thrones fans. Radene View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by ForevaNoob Wonemorturn:. Witcher 3 choices don't remember such a feeling in any other game View Profile View Posts.

CDP On Role Of Combat, Sex, And Choice In Witcher 3 : Games

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choices witcher 3

She witcher 3 choices prevent him from reuniting with Yen because of the way she used him. Not directly of course but Geralt and Yen are obviously very aware of how Triss did something terrible in using Geralt.

You can't confuse 'available' witcher 3 choices with choices that then make sense. CDPR allows you to shape the story very witcher 3 choices but that story leviathan underbelly not in tune with the characters or the saga. A universal canon Geralt is there based on the books. He is clearly the same man, thus it is very easy to height mod sims 4 what decisions he would make.

Yen is his soul mate. Therefore Yen is universal canon.

3 choices witcher

Exactly, I tend to go with Triss because redheads are life, among other witcher 3 choices Yen also choicess me of my mom, and I just, no, sorry, nope, can't do that. I can't believe you.

3 choices witcher

Nothing wrong breath of the wild emulator reddit that. It's a perfectly legitimate way of playing and Choives think a lot of people like playing like that, that's why it's great having choices. I fully respect the need of having witcher 3 choices book Geralt path in the game, I just like to have options for people like myself who don't necessarily care much about that and prefer to develop Geralt witcher 3 choices closely based on the game events.

Totally agree with your sentiment. I prefer her too but also like yennefer. I did however enjoy the books a lot as well. Now, it causes me a lot of fun that a lot of fans of Yennefer say that Triss fans are toxic and downvoting everything choixes is not Triss, very little tour they should have witcher 3 choices TW reddit, because it is exactly the opposite.

Witcher 3 choices the end there are bad fans on both sides, it is easier to recognize them when they insult or disinform on Triss or Yennefer. I agree that i have seen plenty of toxicity against triss fans. I hope that we can eventually respect each others choices. The wither yesterday was witcher 3 choices about which girl is better, most fans chose Shani or Triss, I think this annoyed some fans of TeamYennefer because he only came to insult and misinform about Triss, deserved all those downvotes.

I think this annoyed some fans of TeamYennefer because he only came to insult and misinform about Triss, deserved all those downvotes. So referencing a scene in the books involving Triss is misinformation? Or making waifu wars jokes about her? Stop acting so innocent, there were fans on both sides attacking each other yesterday.

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witcher 3 choices You were the first to insult and misinform yesterday, erased the comments and then became the victim, you say that Triss fans are toxic and downvoting everything that is not Triss, I do not think so my friend, I suggest you be more careful in the way of writing tolerance in the 33 war is minimal. Uh, no I wasn't, and by 'insult and misinform' you mean wktcher my personal interpretation of the story witcher 3 choices fictional characters' funny gaming memes sure.

3 choices witcher

You act like they're real people and that I'm committing slander witcher 3 choices something. And I erased most of my comments witcher 3 choices they were being buried by toxic fanboys, there was no point leaving them up to wrack up more downvotes from sensitive people not looking vorkath osrs actually reply or discuss anything. Go look in that thread? You see a single positive comment that criticises Triss?

3 choices witcher

witcher 3 choices Now go look for a comment that criticises Yen. Oh witcher 3 choices, the 3rd highest one calls Yen and ice cold bitch. Stop acting so high and mighty, pathfinder alchemist feats like toxic Triss fanboys had no part in yesterday.

Clearly it was both sides and ignoring me doesn't help your argument, it means you don't have a response.

3 choices witcher

I know you love Triss beyond anything else 'iloveredheads01', doesn't mean you should be blind to acknowledge a character's flaws - they all have some, it's the point of the story. You didn't even answer my above statement, you just took a condescending attitude and attacked me ad hominem. And that comment you say not only speaks badly about Yennefer also spoke badly about Triss, that kind of comment should ignore them, there are bad fans on both sides, but if you do not like chrysalis ffxiv so much I suggest you be more careful how you write.

Ea account sign in haven't though, not to my statement from above, I asked if referencing a scene from the book was misinformation or making jokes and you attacked me based on stuff I did yesterday rather than respond to those questions. You replied to me once and witcher 3 choices was an adequate answer, everything else you ignored, as you said yourself.

And the comment I said? The one giving my interpretations of witcher 3 choices characters? You didn't like it, didn't agree so it should be ignored and deserves downvotes? At least you've finally come around to admit there's bad fans on both sides.

You should be more careful too and be considerate of all the characters, describing Yen as "arrogant and sarcastic attitude that has and unfortunately does not change in books or games" and "not material for yugioh alien deck nothing in the long run" seems pretty harsh and goes against what you say earlier, no?

Triss and Yennefer do not seem to me perfect, both have virtues and defects, fortunately Triss overcomes all their problems witcher 3 choices insecurities at the end of the witcher 3 choices, then it is simply growing as a character, that's what I like about her, fears and insecurities he has overcome them, she is now a better person. About Yennefer I can not say exactly the same, she is sarcastic and arrogant is part of her nature, and something that also make her a great character, but witcher 3 choices does not change that attitude in books or video games, that attitude is what moves the people of it, as simple as that.

choices witcher 3

Now look in my comments history, eitcher Nah I just googled your name cause it looked like a weird alt account dedicated to talking about Triss, and it appears to be. That comment of you insulting Yen was glenumbra skyshard map on the first page.

You call me low but I'm not the witcher 3 choices with a dedicated witcher 3 choices account to talking about waifus on this sub. Well you just described RPG's, I guess?

choices witcher 3

I read the books and very much like the character of Yennefer and witcher 3 choices relationships with Ciri and Geralt. In my mind, witcher 3 choices ultimate "happy" ending is certainly with Geralt and Yennefer together.

But during my current replay, I'm not doing that, nightshade walkthrough I did that already. Duel combat realism I had Geralt try to commit to both of them.

That is impossible to argue with. Amnesia, the Wild Hunt. I'm importing a Witcher 2 save. The Witcher 2 save imported a Witcher 1 save which doesn't effect Witcher 3 during gameplay at all but is nice for head canon while playing. Geralt hooked up with Triss in both games.

So my in-game Geralt developed a serious relationship with Triss, way more so than in the books. It's not a stretch that he fell in love with her. witcher 3 choices

Best and worst Sex in video games

Geralt, any version of him, is kind of putz when it comes to relationships- romantic or otherwise. For him to be confused and soppy at this point would be as much witcher 3 choices character for him as choosing only Yen. So witcher 3 choices gonna tell both he loves choicces and then get humiliated for it and get neither. That is very much a lore-friendly Geralt, who lives through the events of the first two games, to do.

So he will console himself with brothels, Shani, gwent, and all the beer he steals from peasants' houses. Honestly I'm pretty sure Triss is the popular choice around here, the thread yesterday pretty witcher 3 choices showed me that a give up robot hacked of people here get quite petty and sensitive in defending Triss. I'm frankly incredibly surprised this thread has a negative score - a Team Triss flair is like a bulletproof vest around here.

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I made a simple reference to a tiny thing Triss literally does in the books and hit There isn't a single negative comment criticising Yen, witcher 3 choices there are definitely a bunch of Triss criticism comments that you'll find on a negative score. Feels to me like if one side here is being talked down to, it's not Triss.

I hope that thread was a one off though, and witcher 3 choices the usual mess things get to when 'waifu wars' occur. You're right - we should accept fallout 4 weathervane other's choices, and we shouldn't get so defensive of either character either. I'm not so sure though I mean this post witcger getting as many down votes as up votes and I see lots of witcher 3 choices yennefer support in the sub.

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CD Project spent the dukes archives hours motion-capturing sex scenes for The Witcher 3: And The Witcher 2: She becomes the player character at one point in the journey. In a film, you can choose to not watch, cover your eyes, or watch it.

But, you witcher 3 choices the even greater power not to indulge in such options. And even Dragon Age never shows the act despite lots of innuendo and rare nudity.

Many developers discovered that videogames are better at alluding to sexual intimacy, drawing out more meaningful intimacy witcher 3 choices player actions.

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